Summer Pregnancy: Health Tips for Delivery During Summer

Summer Pregnancy: Health Tips for Delivery During Summer

Summer Pregnancy: It is believed that if the delivery takes place in the summer season, the difficulties increase even more. In the summer season, the effects of sun and harsh heat can be felt at the time of delivery and beyond. If not taken care of in the summer season, then there is a possibility of falling ill soon, while due to constant sweating, there can also be a lack of water in the body. Know what things should be taken care of at the time of delivery in summer.

Summer Pregnancy: Health Tips for Delivery During Summer

1. Post-delivery summer catering

A woman’s body is extremely vulnerable during and after childbirth. In such a situation, special attention should be paid to what to eat and what not to eat in summer. At the time of delivery, the woman is not given anything to eat, but after delivery, full care is taken of what the woman has to eat.


In view of the weakness in the body during the summer season, a woman is advised to eat a light and nutritious diet. Oatmeal, fenugreek, fennel, cereals, pulses, nuts etc. are given to the woman after delivery. Not only this, the woman is also advised to eat ghee after delivery.

After delivery in our homes, the mother is not given cold things to eat, although doctors do not say so. Even after Pregnancy in the summer season, you can consume cold things like curd, banana and cucumber.


Lemon water, coconut water will also provide you relief in the heat. After delivery in summer, eat salad and drink water as much as possible. This will not reduce the amount of water in your body, due to which your health will be right and you will get rid of other problems after delivery.

2. Clothes

  • In the summer season, wear clothes that do not make you feel hot and in which you also feel comfortable.
  • Cotton maxi dresses will be suitable for you even after delivery. It is also necessary for you to feed your baby after delivery. Along with this, you can also wear light tops, kurtas, gowns or leggings.
  • Buy shoes that are open from the front to wear on the feet. Similarly, choose cotton clothes for your baby as well. Nursing bras will also be comfortable for you.

3. Relax

After delivery, the woman is advised to take as much rest as possible. Although the nights are short and the days are long in the summer season, the woman does not get complete rest. It is difficult to relax due to the heat and you are not able to rest as the whole responsibility of the baby is also on you. In such a situation, share the responsibilities with any other family member so that you get complete rest.

4. Urinary Problems

Whether you have a normal delivery or a C section, you have to face many problems. One of which is urinary problems. You may feel a burning sensation while passing urine after delivery. Due to the high heat in the summer season, this problem gets aggravated even more. To avoid this, drink more and more water, exercise and if the problem worsens then consult a doctor.

5. Workout and Yoga

Whether the delivery is in summer or winter, you must do exercise or yoga after the advice of the doctor. Doing this will not only keep you fit, but will also infuse new energy in you. Not only this, you will also get rid of stress after delivery. Do not forget to take a walk in the morning and evening in the summer season.

6. Checkup

Post-delivery physical problems get worse due to summer. In such a situation, you should know health tips after delivery. Even if you had a normal delivery, you should still visit your doctor for a post partum checkup. So that you can be sure whether you are able to recover properly or not. Get your baby checked regularly too.

7. Prevention of Infection

Women are also prone to infection after delivery, especially if a child is born in summer, then you may be more at risk of infection. To avoid this, you should consume vitamin C-rich foods such as broccoli, potatoes, citrus fruits, tomatoes, etc. This gets rid of the infection.

8. Massage

Don’t forget to get yourself and your baby a massage to get relief in summers. This will not only help your skin and your baby’s skin, sleep well, but also help your baby grow. Along with this, your skin will remain hydrated and cool even in summers.

9. Protection against insects and mosquitoes

After delivery, the body of both the woman and the baby is weak and their immunity is weak. There is also a possibility of many serious diseases due to mosquito or other insect bites in summer. In such a situation, make complete arrangements to protect your baby and yourself from mosquito and insect bites.

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10. Other Precautions

In summer, protect your child and yourself from the direct rays of the sun. If you have to go out, cover the exposed areas of your skin completely.

Sweating is more in summer, in such a situation there is every possibility of swelling, redness and other infections in the skin, especially the child. Therefore, do not keep the child in a diaper for the whole day and do not wear clothes with elastic etc.

Hair sweats more in summer. Therefore, pay special attention to the cleanliness of the hair. Bathe yourself and the baby two to three times. This will provide relief to both you and your baby and will also protect you from the scorching heat.

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