Tips For Styling Curly Hair from Birthday Girl Sanya Malhotra

Tips For Styling Curly Hair from Birthday Girl Sanya Malhotra

Curly hair looks very attractive and people who have curly hair look very beautiful. Actually, curly hair has an unpredictable and effortless side of its own, which make it stand out from the crowd. Women who have curly hair are statement makers and their confidence and charm are different. Taapsee Pannu, Sanya Malhotra and Kangana Ranaut are some of the Bollywood industry actresses who are often seen flaunting their natural curly hair onscreen and they inspire all the curly haired girls with their looks so that they too with their natural curls be able to love.

Actually, Sanya Malhotra is celebrating her 29th birthday on 25 February. That’s why we have come up with some stylish curly hairstyles of birthday girl Sanya Malhotra, from which you can take inspiration. Let us tell you that Sanya Malhotra is a living example of natural beauty as she adorns her natural curls and uses them to enhance her look, even in the characters she plays onscreen Flaunts.

That’s why today, with the help of Agnes Chen, Technical Head, Streak Professional, we bring you some of Sanya Malhotra’s special hairstyles for her birthday month that you too can take inspiration from.

Twirly Pops

Every curly haired girl needs something to change up her everyday look. In such a situation, if you make a bun in your hair, then it gives you a very chic look. Twirly poop hairstyle is also one of them. If you make a twirly pope like a mini messy bun, then it makes your look extra glam. From fun house party to day out with friends, you can try this look with western outfits.

Tips For Styling Curly Hair from Birthday Girl Sanya Malhotra

Follow These Steps to Get This Hairstyle

– To work with the natural texture of your hair, apply a little mousse and then blow dry your hair. Now detangle the hair.

– Now do the middle parting, make two ponytails on your crown area at 90 degree angle.

– Now give a small messy loop by twisting the ponytail. Leave some hair out for a messy look.

– Now tie the rest of your hair and your hairstyle is ready.

Contemporary High Bun

It doesn’t matter how short or long your hair is, a stylish bun will always give you a chic and sleek look. This hairdo is very chic, contemporary and minimalistic and you can try this look on any occasion from office to parties or festivals.

Tips For Styling Curly Hair from Birthday Girl Sanya Malhotra

Follow These Steps to Get This Hairstyle

– First, apply serum to your hair and then gather your hair in a ponytail at the crown area of ​​your head.

– Now twist your ponytail, but while doing this, keep your hair loose so that you become voluminous.

– Now apply gel around your ponytail so that you can give smooth and sleek look to your hair.

– Finally, secure your hair with a spray so that your hair does not get damaged for a long time.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are quite different from normal braids and they give a beautiful and fresh appearance to your curly hair. Fishtail braid is one such hairstyle that you can try in different ways, high ponytail with fishtail or French fishtail etc. You can try the mermaid, tail like braid on festivals too and make it a unique and go-to hairdo with the help of hair accessories.

Tips For Styling Curly Hair from Birthday Girl Sanya Malhotra

Follow These Steps to Get This Hairstyle

– Apply mousse on your hair and then dry it.

– Now from where the hairline starts, do 3 sections of the hair and taking sections from both the sides keep adding them to your main braid.

– Make a beautiful fishtail braid in this way all over your hair. Make sure that you tie your braid loose so that it gives volume to your hair and the body of the braid.

– Now take out some hair from the front side so that you get a soft romantic look.

– You can also add hair accessories to your hair for extra glam.

Festive Beehive

If you are feeling both confident and nostalgic, then you can try this hairstyle once again. As it is said that in the world of fashion and beauty, everything repeats once in a while. Because of this, this hairstyle is very common, festive and glamorous and this hairstyle looks very appealing on curly hair as it gives a messy and unruly look to your hair.

Festive Beehive

Follow These Steps to Get This Hairstyle

– Gather all the hair in front of you at the crown area and make a soft puff and secure it with a pin.

– Now take out the soft strands.

– Now collect the remaining hair from the bottom very gently on the nape area and leave it open and secure with pins.

– Apply a little setting and shine spray for intense shine and glamour.

Textured French Chignon

This is a modern look to the classic low bun, where you pin your front strands at the nape area of your head with a loose bun. This hairdo is a great option for those who travel a lot for work. This is a very elegant style.

Textured French Chignon

Follow These Steps to Get This Hairstyle

– Apply a mousse to your hair and then gently comb through the medium section with a side parting.

– Now do the same on the other side and gather all the hair towards the back of the head and then make an elongated French bun.

– Now secure your bun with clips and bobby pins.

– Don’t forget to apply setting spray to keep your hairstyle in place.

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