How To Stop Breastfeeding: Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding

How To Stop Breastfeeding: Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding

Stop Breastfeeding: Mother’s milk is like nectar for the baby, from which the baby gets all the nutritious elements. That is why it is recommended to give only breast milk to the baby from birth till six months. Till what age the baby is to drink breast milk depends entirely on the mother but beyond the age of two years is not considered good for both the child and the mother.

Keeping this in mind, today I am going to tell you some home remedies (Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding) after adopting which you can easily wean off the milk from the baby.

The biggest problem occurs when the child has to wean the habit of breastfeeding. I want to share with you the problem of my friend Neha with the matter of weaning in children.


When Neha’s son turned one and a half years old, Neha tried very hard to wean off the milk. When she could not get rid of mother’s milk even after love, affection, persuasion and lakhs of efforts, she gave up this stubbornness. But the disadvantage was that even after the age of three, her son did not lose this habit, due to which Neha would have to be embarrassed at times and listen to people’s words.

This problem is not only Neha’s but there are many mothers who go through or are going through this problem. So let’s know some such home remedies that are helpful in weaning mother’s milk.

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Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding

1. Enough Food

To wean the baby, the baby should be given enough solid food so that the baby’s stomach is not empty and his attention is not like milk. Give your baby different things to eat and you can start with bananas, lentils water, steamed vegetables or rice etc.

Keep in mind that whatever you feed to the baby should be light and soft in food so that the baby gets digested easily. This will help you to wean the baby. Your baby won’t give up on your milk right away, so prepare him to wean slowly in this way.

Whatever you feed the baby, the taste of that thing should be such that the baby shows interest in eating it again. Babies insist more on drinking mother’s milk during the night, so give solid food to the baby before sleeping at night.

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2. Use a Cup

When the baby is a little older, he should not be allowed to depend only on breastfeeding. The baby should also get used to drinking milk in a cup or bottle etc. Start with a small amount and gradually increase it.

The baby may be a little reluctant in the beginning or does not like it, but if you start feeding the baby in a cup or bottle by luring or explaining, then when you have to wean then there will not be much problem at that time and The baby will easily give up milk and breast-feeding.

3. Cabbage leaves

Women have been using this method since time immemorial. In this way, there is less milk in the breasts, due to which the baby does not get enough milk from the mother and he concentrates on other food and drink and gives up drinking mother’s milk easily. For this, cabbage leaves have to be kept near the breasts for a few days and have to be changed daily.

4. Salt or Turmeric

If you want, you can use salt, turmeric or any other food item whose taste is not liked by the child. Put them on your breasts. As soon as the child puts the breast in the mouth, due to the bad taste of these things, he will not be able to drink milk and may give up milk due to this taste.

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Other ways to Weaning or Stop Breastfeeding

1. Whenever the child expresses a desire to drink milk, then divert his attention to some other work like a game, a song, a poem or a story or even like food that can attract him. This will divert the child’s attention to another way and he will forget about milk.

2. Many times the child can live without mother’s milk during the day but cannot live without mother’s milk at night, so do not sleep with your child for a few days. By doing this he will gradually get rid of this habit.

3. If your child is older and understands your words, then you can also explain to him with love. You should explain to them the disadvantages of breastfeeding at an older age. With this, he can understand your point and stop breastfeeding. Your baby can’t let go of milk at once, it may take some time, so you need to be patient.

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