How to Start Pharmacy Business – How to Open Medical Store

How to Start Pharmacy Business - How to Open Medical Store

If you want to know how to open your own Medical Store then you have come to the right place. In this article we will tell you how to start Pharmacy business. So let’s know what it takes to open a Medical Store.

The strongest business in this era is that of medicines. Because a person can skimp on buying other items but not for buying Medicines. Because he knows that this is a matter of health which cannot be taken lightly.


You all must have heard that health is wealth, if health is not good then what is the use of money. This is the reason that the business of Selling Medicine is progressing at a very fast pace. This is also not going to stop because in the coming time diseases will increase, not decrease.

Therefore, doing business of pharmacy is a very profitable deal. The only problem is that not everyone knows how to open a medical store? What to do for this. What should be the qualification for this and which exam should be given?


There is nothing to worry about, in this article you will be given many complete information about opening a medical store. By the way, if you have studied a little even till 10th, then you can start the business of selling medicines. Now you will say how is this possible? So read the complete post till the end to know the answer.

By the way, everyone knows what is a Medical Store. Simply put, a medical store is a shop where medicines are sold instead of selling groceries or other items. Apart from this, there is nothing to understand and explain in this.


If you are wondering how to start pharmacy business, then it is started at 2 different levels. One is a small medical store which we can call Retailer of Medicines. The second business happens on a large scale.

That is, such a big medical store where medicines are available at wholesale prices. From where Medicines are supplied to the Retailers. You do not have to be very educated to open this medical store. Now you will say why brother, why like this? A degree is necessary to open a medical store, isn’t it?

You are right, degree or diploma is necessary to open any medical store. But such people who do the business of Pharmacy on a large scale, who are big dealers of Medicines, they keep a Pharmacist on their job here.

He himself is the owner of that medical store, but his pharmacist looks after all the work of running the store. The rule is that if you are opening a medical store, then it is necessary to have a pharmacist to sell medicines in it, whoever it is.

You have to submit the name, address and documents of the Pharmacist you are hiring. If you want to remove the previous Pharmacist and keep someone else, then you will have to get the complete information of Pharmacist updated again.

So now you have understood that what is a medical store and how can you open your medical store even if you are illiterate. But on the other hand, if you are short of money and you want to open a small medical store, then you will have to work hard for it.

Because you do not have enough money that you can pay thousands of rupees to a pharmacist every month. That’s why you have to become a pharmacist yourself. After that you will be able to open your Medical Store. Let us know what will have to be done to open a small medical store.

How to Start Pharmacy Business 

So as we told you above that to open a medical store, you have to get some pharmacy degree. Because a License is required to run a Medical Store and this license is available only when you yourself are a Pharmacist.

So next you are thinking that how to start your Pharmacy business, then first of all you should become a Pharmacist yourself. If you do not know how to become a Pharmacist, then let’s first clear this topic and solve your problem.

To become a pharmacist, you have to do a course of B Pharma, D Pharma or M Pharma. If you take any of these three degrees, you will get the right to open a medical store. Let us now know a little about these courses.

1. B Pharma

To do this course, you have to pass 12th class PCM Physics, Chemistry and Math’s with good marks in the subjects. If you have done 12th from Non Medical then now you will have to give an entrance exam for B Pharma.

If you bring a good rank in this entrance exam, then your admission will be done in a government college, which will be very cheap for you, then it will be good for you. Meaning you will get B Pharma degree in very less cost.

But if you are not able to perform well in the Entrance Exam, then your admission will not be done in the government college. Yes, you can do this course by taking admission in a private college. But keep in mind that doing a course from a private college will be 4 times more expensive.

Therefore, if your vision is very clear and you have a desire to know from the very beginning that how to open your own medical store, then start preparing for it from the 10th itself. This course is of 3 years and after that you have to take 1 month training from any pharmaceutical company.

2. M Pharma

If you want to do a slightly higher level course in Pharmacy, then you can do M Pharma. This is a Master Degree. Whereas B. Pharma is a Bachelor Degree. So it is obvious that after doing B. Pharma, you can do this course.

But there is also a condition that your admission will be done in government college only if you have secured more than 50% marks in B Pharma. The duration of this course is of 2 years. After doing this course, you can also get a job in high positions.

3. D Pharma

If you are thinking how to start your Pharmacy business then you can do D. Pharma Diploma In Pharmacy after 12th. This is only a 2 year course and after the completion of the course, you have to work for 3 months as a training in a hospital.

In this also there are some conditions like you have passed 12th class with PCM Subjects with at least 50% marks. As soon as you complete the course and your training will also end, after that you will get a diploma of D Pharma.

4. Pharma. D (Doctor Of Pharmacy)

You can do this course after doing B. Pharma or D Pharma. If you do this course after doing D. Pharma, then it will take you about a total of 6 years.

Whereas if you have acquired the degree of D. Pharma and now you are in Pharma. If you want to do D then you will take extra time of 4 years. So these were the necessary courses to open Medical Store. But there are still many things left, so keep reading in peace.

You have learned that how to open a medical store, but to make any business successful, it is very important to take care of some important things. Which we are going to mention now. Everyone knows that location is a very important thing for a medical store.

So now the question comes that how to choose the location for your Medical Store. Where to open a medical store will prove to be more beneficial. So the answer is that near a doctor’s clinic. But here it should also be kept in mind that there should not be more medical stores than before.

If you want to open a medical store in the village, then tie up with a doctor whose work works best. Nowadays all the Medical Store people do the same. Even if he has to give a little commission to the doctor too.

So it is meant to say that before opening a medical store, you should make a good relationship with a doctor and tell them about your plan in advance. By doing this, there will be chances of getting good profit in your pharmacy business.

Apart from this, there are some other small but important things like do not let any customer return disappointed from your Medical Store. Meaning you should have every medicine that people usually use more.

If you do not have any special medicine, then you must tell the customer that they will order it for you soon. There is a very good margin in the business of Pharmacy, so do not argue with anyone for 2-4 rupees. So that the customer always remains yours.

Now it comes to the timings of opening the Medical Store. So keep in mind this is such a field where anyone can require any Urgent Medicine at any time. This is the reason that in this business you have to give a little more time.

You must open the medical store at least till 8 in the morning and be present till late in the evening (9 or 10). If you take care of all these things, then you can earn good profit from the business of this medicine.

Finally, it comes to Medicines, from where will you get Medicines for your Medical Store? So for this you have to contact a big medical store, a Medicine Dealer (Supplier) and also set your margin.

So this was our article How To Open Your Own Medical Store. Hope you have understood very well how to start pharmacy business and what is required for it.

If still you had any question left in your mind, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box. If you liked this article then do like and share. To connect with us, like our Facebook page and subscribe to us. Thank you.

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