Solar Eclipse Time and Date 2023 (Surya Grahan)

Solar Eclipse Time and Date 2023 (Surya Grahan)

Solar Eclipse Time and Date 2023: Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse have special significance in Hinduism. The religious significance of this day is immense. It is also considered important from the point of view of astrology. Astronomers wait for solar and lunar eclipses throughout the year.

Talk about if this year 2023 is the first solar eclipse, then it is going to be very unique. Because this time a wonderful coincidence is happening on the solar eclipse and this opportunity has come after 100 years.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse is this Time

Yes, this time’s solar eclipse (Surya Grahan 2023) is going to be very special because this solar eclipse will be seen in three forms. These will include partial, total and annular solar eclipses. Scientists have named it hybrid solar eclipse, this hybrid solar eclipse occurs only once in 100 years. In this way, the solar eclipse will be one but its 3 views will be seen. This mixture is called hybrid solar eclipse. This happens when the distance of the Moon from the Earth is neither too much nor too little.

Solar Eclipse Time – Surya Grahan 2023 Timing

You are seeing the first solar eclipse of the year 2023 on Thursday, April 20. This solar eclipse will start from 7.4 in the morning and will last till 12.29 in the afternoon. However, this solar eclipse will not be visible in India nor will it have any effect on the people living in India. At the same time, this solar eclipse will be visible in Cambodia, China, America, Micronesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Japan, Samoa, Solomon, Baruni, Singapore, Thailand, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, South Indian Ocean And will be seen in places like the South Pacific Ocean.

Solar Eclipse and Sutak Period

According to astrology, the Sutak period of the solar eclipse starts 12 hours before. But where there is no solar eclipse, it is of no importance. Even in India it does not have any importance, but still, as a precaution, you can follow the rules.

Take These Precautions during the Eclipse Period

– Pregnant women should not leave the house on this day. There is a bad effect on the womb.

– Nothing should be eaten or drunk at the time of eclipse. Because there is diffraction in the rays of light at the time of eclipse. Due to this several thousand micro-organisms die and several thousand are born.

– It is said that physical relations should not be made during the eclipse period.

– If someone stays out of the house during the eclipse period, then he should take a bath as soon as the eclipse is over.

– During this, knife or any sharp edged thing should not be used. The use of such items is considered prohibited during the time of eclipse.

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