Social Media is Affecting Your Marriage and Relationship, Know How

Social Media is Affecting Your Marriage and Relationship, Know How

Social media has become an integral part of our life. It has been ruling our lives, work and even relationships for quite some time now. This has seen many positive and negative aspects on our relationship. While on one hand people found their life partner on social media, many people came to know about their partner’s cheating and cheating from here. In a way, social media (Social Media is Affecting Your Marriage and Relationship) keeps people’s raw material open.

Nowadays people share everything on social media where they are going, what they are doing and with whom they are meeting. There is no doubt that social media has given rise to many types of disputes among people, especially between married couples. We are here to tell you how social media is affecting married couples and their relationship badly.

Social Media is Affecting Your Marriage and Relationship

Social Media is Affecting Your Marriage and Relationship, Know How

No Time for Each Other

Scrolling through your Instagram feed makes you find something more interesting than just talking and laughing with your partner. The more time you spend on your phone, the more you will miss the little moments of joy and fun with your partner. Remember, when was the last time both of you sat together and sipped tea in the evening. When did you go for a walk with both hands in hand? When did you both enjoy the drive together while listening to your favorite music. All these small moments together make special moments, which are lost due to being engaged on social media.

Comparing your Relationship to Others

No matter’s what your partner is doing for you. What makes a difference is that he didn’t write a long and loving caption on your birthday by putting a beautiful picture. That too because your sister or a friend’s husband has done this. Apart from this, your acquaintances are going on vacation, uploading nice and beautiful pictures there, but your partner is not able to take you anywhere due to being busy. In such a situation, you start comparing your relationship with others and in the end, estrangement and fighting becomes the reason for this. Sometimes it becomes the reason for the break-up of the marriage.

Possibility of Infidelity

A short chit-chat with a stranger or your partner commenting on your ex’s profile could indicate possible infidelity in your marriage. Studies show that people are much more likely to cheat in the virtual world or on social media. Many partners allegedly cheat on their spouses through social media platforms.

Sharing Feelings

Many people share their frustrations and emotions by talking to an online friend or writing a post on social media about the problems going on in their marriage. Sharing information about the difficulties in your marriage is okay, but to an extent. Your social media friends can’t stop the troubles going on in your marriage (Social Media is Affecting Your Marriage). For this you have to sit and talk with your partner.

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