Sleeping During Pregnancy: Getting up, Sitting During Pregnancy

Sleeping During Pregnancy: Getting up, Sitting During Pregnancy

Sleeping During Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a very sweet and happy moment for a woman. During this, special care is taken of women. It can also be said that a new chapter in the life of women begins during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a lot of changes take place in the body of women such as abdominal distention, changes in hormones, body growth, weight gain, early tiredness, etc.

Women have a lot of responsibilities and they are used to doing all the work early but during pregnancy women are not able to work quickly because they have to face many problems and at the same time they have to take special care of themselves and their baby. That is why it is important to know about how you should sleep, get up and sit during pregnancy, because if you are not careful then you and your baby may have to face some problem.


Sleeping During Pregnancy: 

1. Correct way to sit

During pregnancy, whenever you sit, whether on the couch or on the bed, sit very carefully and at the same time try to keep your back straight. For this, you can also take the help of pillows or cushions, which will help you to sit comfortably.

Whenever you sit, keep in mind that the weight of the body does not fall on your stomach. For this, you can try to sit slowly with the help of a chair or your husband, never sit or get up with jerks.


Whenever you sit, both your feet should be close to the ground and comfortable. Never sit with one leg on top of the other.

If you have to go to the office during pregnancy, then keep your chair in such a way that you are comfortable to sit and the table is always with you so that you do not have trouble getting up and sitting.


Whenever you sit, make sure that you do not stay in one position for a long time. Do not move in jerks to do any work. If you want to move around and take something, then slowly rotate your whole body and not the waist.

2. The Right Way to Sleep

After the first trimester of pregnancy, one should sleep on the left side, which increases blood circulation and provides oxygen to the baby. Sit slowly on the bed and slowly move your body back on the bed and bring the knees above the bed and then with the help of your hands slowly try to sleep on the left side.

Whenever you sleep, put a soft pillow under your head. Do not use thick and hard pillows as this will not give you any comfort and your baby may also suffer from it.

While sleeping, you can also sleep by keeping the pillow between the legs, which will give you comfort and your stomach will also be supported. You can also use pregnancy yellows available in the market. These are prepared according to your body, which helps in relaxing your body.

Whenever you sleep on your side, put a pillow behind your back, this will not give you back pain and your back will also get support. Sleeping with the knee bent at the time of sleeping also provides relief and helps in reducing the problem of back and back pain.

Never sleep on your stomach. This can cause problems with your baby’s development and health. And after a few days, that is, after the second trimester, when your stomach starts coming out, you will have trouble sleeping.

Do not take water or liquid readings just before sleeping so that you have to wake up from a comfortable sleep and use the toilet. You should have your dinner 2 hours before sleeping so that you do not have problems like gas, indigestion or burning in the stomach.

3. The Right Way to Get Up

Whenever you get up from your bed, first of all take your left side and then slowly bring your knee to the edge of the bed. Before getting up, sit for 2-3 minutes and take a deep breath and get up slowly with the help of your hands, don’t get up quickly or jerkily. If you are having trouble getting up, then get up on the edge of the bed or with the help of a person.

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