Signs of Pregnancy: 5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy: 5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy: Well, nowadays you will find many products in the market to know whether you are pregnant or not, but when a woman conceives, that is, she is going to bring a new life into this world, then there is some mental and physical in her body.

By looking at those goals or signs, you can also find out whether the pregnancy is in your uterus or not. These signs include stopping of menstruation, changes in your behavior and mood, nausea, feeling tired etc. All these signs point towards your pregnancy, but still after recognizing these signs, get them checked. The signs you see may be caused by something else.


5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

1. No Periods (Cessation of Menstruation)

The cessation of menstruation is considered to be the first symptom of pregnancy (Main Symptom or Signs of Pregnancy). Although there can be many other reasons for stopping menstruation, such as increased stress, excessive weight gain or too little weight or any other disease also causes menstruation to stop, but if you are absolutely healthy. And if your periods stop after intercourse, then it indicates that you are pregnant.

Sometimes, if some unusual thing is seen in menstruation, then it also indicates pregnancy. Bleeding in this may be of a slightly different type rather than normal menstruation and it can happen to you at any time. It is also one of the signs of pregnancy. If such changes are seen in you too, then you must get the doctor checked once for complete satisfaction.


2. Vomiting, Anxiety and Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, weakness or nausea, vomiting, all these are important symptoms of being pregnant. Usually this is what almost all women have to go through when they are pregnant.

In some women, these symptoms start appearing after 6 weeks, in which pregnant women have vomiting, nausea, indigestion or the smell of a particular thing, like if someone smells of flour and someone gets milk. This is the most difficult period for a pregnant woman.


It is not necessary that they feel it only in the morning, it can happen at any time of the day, but in the morning its effect is more visible in pregnant women. Apart from this, the pregnant woman does not even feel like eating or seeing anything and there are some things that she likes to eat again and again.

The increasing attraction of a pregnant woman towards certain things also indicates that she is pregnant. When women feel like eating more spicy or more sour, then it is also a sign of pregnancy. In such a situation, women like to eat pickles, due to which their nauseating mind also gets a little better.

3. Heavy Breasts is also a Symptom of Pregnancy

This is also an important symptom of pregnancy. Your breasts are tender in the early days of pregnancy. In fact, the tissues of the breasts are very sensitive to the hormones, which start changing in the body with the conception, due to which there is swelling in the breasts which makes the breasts heavy.

When we wear clothes or accidentally touch someone’s hand, then pain starts. This is one of the main signs of being pregnant and many women also start leaking milk from the breasts and this leak indicates that you are ready to feed your unborn baby.

Apart from this, as the days of pregnancy start to pass, your nipples also start changing. Their color starts to turn dark ink-brown or black, it starts spreading and by the beginning of the second trimester your breasts start growing.

4. Cramp in womb

Many women may also feel cramping in the uterus during the early days of pregnancy. This can happen even when you are menstruating, but you feel this even if you do not have periods, then it is understood that your uterus is growing at that time and at that time this pain is considered normal because it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. It is considered a sign. But sometimes, along with cramps in pregnancy, blood leakage also starts, then you must show your doctor because it can also be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

5. Changes in Health

When a woman conceives, she undergoes many mental and physical changes. She suddenly starts becoming more happy and sometimes suddenly starts getting sad. Their mood swings start happening frequently, along with this, you start getting more during pregnancy and your mind tends to rest.

Due to increased blood volume, you also start having headache. This is one of the first signs of pregnancy but this problem gets better with time. Your digestive system is also affected due to hormonal changes in your body.

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In such a situation, sometimes your digestion process slows down, due to which you start complaining of constipation and sometimes you have to go for frequent urination because your kidney becomes more active. This can go on till the beginning of the third trimester. If you see any of these signs in you, then you should see the doctor and be satisfied whether you are really pregnant or not.

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