SEO Tutorial For Beginners Full Guide 2023

SEO Tutorial For Beginners Full Guide 2022

SEO Tutorial: There are many ways to bring traffic to any website or blog. The best way out of these is SEO. SEO is helpful in increasing the organic traffic of any website or blog. If you are a new blogger and want to learn SEO, then I would like to tell you first of all that SEO is a matter of practice and not just by reading or knowing about it. In this SEO Tutorial guide for beginners, I will tell you about the nuances of SEO with some simple examples, by practicing which you can easily understand and learn SEO.

SEO Tutorial For Beginners

SEO, a word composed of three letters, is nothing less than a magic lamp for bloggers and website owners today. Everyone wants to become an SEO expert and bring their website to the top of the search engines. Friends, if you are completely new in this field and are learning SEO, then today’s article will prove to give you a lot of positive information about search engine optimization. I am going to give you the information of this article in full language. I will tell you about those 7 factors which will help you in top page in any blog or website in search.


What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization, its main purpose is to index and rank the website or blog in the search engine so that organic traffic increases on the website.

There are two types of SEO.


1. On-page SEO
2. Off-Page SEO

What is On-page SEO?

On page SEO means all the work that we do in any blog or website. Whenever we create a blog or write an article, our aim is that it gets indexed in google and ranks in a good position. The most important thing for this is On Page SEO. The most important practice items in on-page SEO are title tags, content, internal links and URLs.


1. Title tags

Whenever we search for something in Google, we first see the website whose title is related to the keyword we searched for. This is one of the most important part of an on page SEO.

2. Content

The content of a page is what makes it searchable. The content that the user searches for in the search engine, if that content is available on the page you have created and it is written in the proper SEO format, then it gives your page a place in the search. On whatever content you give complete information, in case the user gets incomplete information, he automatically leaves the page and then goes out in search of a new result in the search. It adds a negative score to your website’s ranking in search engines.

3. Internal links

Internal links mean that whenever we write an article or create a page, then giving a link to other information related to that article is called internal linking. It is very beneficial for the website in many ways. For example, suppose you are reading the article of SEO Tutorial here and you want to increase the traffic of your website, then obviously you would like to know How to Create a Micro Niche Blog. For this you have to read this article. This increases the trust flow of your website, increases page views and lowers the bounce rate. It also enhances your page experience.

4. URLs:

The link of any page or article should be the same as its title and the information given in the article. Try, always the link of the article should be unique and the relevance of the article should be the same.

So friends, it was about On-page SEO, now you know.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is also called “Off site SEO“. It depends on the external factors affecting the ranking in any search engine. This external reason depends on factors like social, media, backlink etc. Off-Page SEO tells any search engine here important links to your website are available on other websites, which makes it easy for any search engine to understand how important the information available on your website. The more quality Linux you create, the better your ranking will be.

SEO Best Practice Tutorial:

In this way, many factors work for SEO, TLD, Domain Age, Domain Authority etc. But I am going to tell you about the “7 best SEO factors” in this SEO Tutorial by which you can make your website search engine. I can index very quickly, as well as bring your website or post up in the rank of Search Engine. Let us know what is the best 7 SEO factor in SEO Tutorial.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Keyword Focus
  4. Backlinks
  5. Website Analysis
  6. Social Media
  7. Page Speed

Note: If your website or blog is brand new and your site is not yet indexed in google search then simply search site:yoursite.com (the domain of your website instead of yoursite.com) in Google. By doing this, Google will crawl your website within a maximum of 1 day and your site will be indexed in Google.

SEO Tutorial For Beginners Full Guide 2022

1. Keyword Research:

For keyword research, we generally use “google keyword planner tool” which is the best tool. In which we also get an estimate of competition and CPC with monthly searches on the keyword. I also use Ahrefs Keyword with google keyword planner tool, because in this I get an idea of ​​the difficulty as well as the opportunity on the keyword. Which makes it easy to write a post. Although this tool of ahrefs is paid, yet ahrefs gives us this facility for free to do 2 keyword analysis in 1 day. So first we select our keyword with Google keyword planner tool and then analyze that keyword in ahrefs.

2. Competitor Analysis:

After keyword selection, we analyze the competitor’s website or its post, so that we get an idea of ​​how much competition we have to do on the topic or keyword on which we are going to write a blog. For this I use MOZ as well as ahrefs tool. Where I have told above about MOZ, from the same ahrefs we get complete information about backlink, referring domains, anchor text of our competitor website, so that we try to do better SEO than our competitor site, then we give tough competition to our competitor.

3. Keyword Focus:

After doing Competitor Analysis, we write our blog on that topic which we have selected with the keyword planner tool. We focus on our selected keywords in our posts, such as using the keyword in bold in the description of the blog, using the keyword in the body text, italic, strikethrough, using keywords in the H1-h6 heading if possible. This tacti’s highlights your keyword so that Google focuses on your blog post as much as you have focused the keyword in your blog.

4. Backlinks:

After writing the blog, we generate backlinks for our posts. There are many ways to generate backlink such as commenting on other posts related to your post, directory submission, guest posting etc. Make sure to comment on other’s blog, this gives us no-follow backlink, which gives some potency to our site. We only benefit from this and not harm. So keep commenting.

5. Website Analysis:

We use google analytics for website analysis, so that we get complete information about the source of traffic coming to our blog or website, bounce rate, time spent by the user on the site, etc. The interest of the user visiting the site also gets an idea and what type of post the user likes more.

6. Social Media:

Social media is also a very good medium in increasing the traffic of the website. Where we get backlinks from big social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google plus, we can also make our posts accessible to as many people as possible through community, pages, groups. Therefore, always be active on social networking site, add more and more people with you. Join such groups in which the number of users is high.

7. Site Speed:

In recent times, since Google has launched the feature of page experience, many bloggers have become very cautious about the speed of their website. They are now understanding how important the page speed of any website is. I do not need much to mention here that this factor of page speed is one of the important reasons for ranking any website.

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I will tell you in the next article how to increase the speed of your website. How did you like the information of SEO Tutorial for Beginners Full Guide 2023, do tell us in the comments.

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