Second Trimester of Pregnancy – Physical Changes, Diet and Precautions

Second Trimester of Pregnancy - Physical Changes, Diet and Precautions

The second trimester of pregnancy or the second stage. 4th to 6th Month Pregnancy Stage is considered to be the happiest time of pregnancy. In the second trimester, due to the rapid growth of the baby, the stomach starts growing and the baby in the womb also starts its activities. In such a situation, the enthusiasm of the mother-to-be increases even more. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced. Therefore, a woman can fully enjoy and utilize this time.

Details of Second Trimester of Pregnancy

1. Physical Changes During 2nd Trimester

In the second stage of pregnancy as compared to the first stage, the pregnant woman has to face very few physical problems but her body undergoes constant changes. Some of the physical changes that occur during this are as follows:


Increased Stomach size

From the fourth to the sixth month in the second trimester, there is a rapid development of the baby in the womb, due to which the size of the mother’s stomach increases. In the fifth and sixth months, the size of your belly clearly shows that you are pregnant. Not only this, the breasts also increase during this time. Support the breasts. Use proper bra for this.


Stomach and back pain

Not only does the size of the uterus increase, but the weight of the woman also increases. The problem of back pain also increases due to the increase in weight. During this, it is common to have pain in the lower side of the stomach.


Swelling in the legs

In the second stage of pregnancy, there is pain and swelling in the legs due to the weight and growth of the uterus. This problem can also occur due to lack of blood during this time. To avoid this, massage the feet and soak your feet with warm water.


Weight gain and hormonal changes can make you breathless and more tired in the second stage of pregnancy.

Nose bleeding

There may also be a problem of bleeding from the nose during this time due to changing hormones. This is due to increased blood flow. Due to this the gums become sensitive, due to which bleeding gums is also normal.


During this, white water also comes out from the vagina. Although it indicates your good health, but if this water is of any other color like yellow, red etc. and smells bad, then the doctor should be contacted immediately.

2. Mental state

In the second stage of pregnancy, there is a constant change in the mental state. Due to the constant physical changes in the body, there can be problems like sadness, stress or depression during this period. This condition can last from a few days to months. Mood swings are also common during this time. However, in the second stage of pregnancy, physical problems are reduced, so problems like anxiety, stress also reduce. To get rid of stress, take advice of your close people and doctor.

3. Food (Second Trimester Diet Chart Indian)

Calcium rich diet

As the baby is developing in the second trimester of pregnancy, it is very important for the mother to consume calcium-rich diet for the development and strength of her bones. Include milk, curd, paneer, butter as well as soy milk, green leafy vegetables in your diet. You will also get protein from these things. Protein is also essential for you at this time. Use vegetable oil for cooking.

Omega 3

Special care has to be taken about what to eat in the second trimester of pregnancy. Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet are essential for the proper development of your baby’s brain during pregnancy. For this, include cabbage, curd, broccoli as well as fish, meat etc. in your diet. You will also get protein and iron from them.

Source of energy

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman needs more energy and calories, but it does not mean that you should eat anything. Always include nutritious things in your diet which will give you energy and also fulfill your other needs like porridge, millets, pulses, rice, milk, green vegetables, fruits etc. Along with this, you can also include brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole grains in your diet. All these are rich in fiber, which does not cause constipation and other problems.

Vegetables and fruits

Not only in the second trimester but throughout the pregnancy, do not forget to eat green vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins. Whereas green vegetables also contain folic acid which is extremely essential during pregnancy. Vitamin C rich fruits like oranges, kiwis, lemons, seasonal etc. get iron.


In order for the pregnant woman not to have anemia in her body, it is necessary for her to consume iron-rich diet. For this, eat things like whole grains, green vegetables, kidney beans, broccoli. If there is a lack of iron in the body, then the doctor can also give you supplements. For better absorption of iron in the body, do not forget to consume things containing vitamin C.


Due to changes in hormones, a woman complains of constipation during pregnancy. This problem increases in the second trimester. To overcome the problem of constipation and remove the dirt from the body, take a diet rich in fiber. Eat whole grains, oats, green vegetables, fruits, oatmeal etc. and drink as much water as you can.


Iodine is essential for the mental development of the unborn baby. Therefore, to meet its deficiency, only iodized salt should be consumed.

4. What to avoid during 2nd Trimester

  • In the second trimester, consume as little salt and sweet things as possible. Excess sugar and salt can cause physical problems.
  • Do not drink too much tea and coffee as a caffeinated diet can cause problems in pregnancy.
  • Eat simple and light home-cooked food instead of fried, junk food and outside food.
  • Avoid eating raw eggs, raw meat and processed meat etc.

5. Pregnancy Care Tips For Second Trimester

How to sit and stand

In the second stage of pregnancy, pay special attention to the way you sit and get up. At this time your weight is increasing, so you should never sit with a cross. By doing this there will not be proper circulation of blood which is harmful for the baby. Also, don’t get up suddenly. Doing so can make you feel dizzy and you may fall.

How to sleep

Also pay attention to falling asleep in the second stage of pregnancy. Never sleep on your stomach but sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your stomach can be harmful for your baby.

Eating method

Instead of consuming large amounts of food two or three times a day, eat frequent but small meals.


Do not take any medicine of your own free will. Take only the supplements your doctor has given you. Consult a doctor before taking any other supplement.

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Other Precautions

  • Avoid doing any heavy work, lifting heavy things, climbing stairs, traveling.
  • During this, do not take rest all the time, but go for walks, do some work, meet people, do exercise and yoga.
  • Avoid wearing too tight clothes and heeled shoes.
  • Do not hold urine during pregnancy as it can also be harmful for you and your baby.

The second trimester is considered to be the best time of pregnancy when not only do you feel energetic but the physical problems also get reduced. During this time, forgetting all the troubles and worries, you should make full use of your energy and this time. Shop for your upcoming baby, read good books, watch movies, and do whatever interests you. This time does not come back, so make it a memorable one.

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