Saffron During Pregnancy – Know Its Benefits and Disadvantages

Pregnant are advised to eat saffron from the elders of the house. It is said that consuming saffron during pregnancy makes the babies born in

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Saffron During Pregnancy – Know Its Benefits and Disadvantages

Pregnant are advised to eat saffron from the elders of the house. It is said that consuming saffron during pregnancy makes the babies born in the womb fair and sharp-minded. This is the reason why most women consume saffron mixed with milk during pregnancy.

In this article, we will tell how important saffron is for pregnant women. Also, you will know how safe saffron is for the woman and the baby during pregnancy. Apart from this, we will also take a look at the Benefits and disadvantages of eating saffron during pregnancy. This article can be useful for pregnant women, so let’s know about some of these special things related to saffron in pregnancy.

Is it Safe to Consume Saffron During Pregnancy?

Research available on NCBI clearly states that the consumption of saffron in limited quantities during pregnancy can be considered safe. In another research, it has been mentioned not to consume it in the first trimester of pregnancy. Also, in the second and third trimesters, it has been advised to consume 20-30 mg (6-8) saffron strands daily.

This is the reason why it is advised to take a lot of precautions while consuming saffron during pregnancy. In what quantity should be consumed and its advantages and disadvantages, we will talk in detail in the article.

Benefits of Consuming Saffron During Pregnancy

It has been mentioned above in the article that there can be many benefits of consuming saffron in limited quantity in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Below we are discussing them.

1. Rich in Iron

During pregnancy, women are advised to consume iron-rich foods to prevent anemia. On the other hand, saffron is a rich source of iron. In such a situation, consumption of saffron during pregnancy can help remove iron deficiency.

2. To Sleep Well

Many women have trouble sleeping at night during pregnancy. In this case, saffron milk can induce good nights of sleep. In this way, one benefit of consuming saffron in delivery can be to improve the quality of sleep.

3. Controls High Blood Pressure

The problem of high blood pressure is very common in pregnant women. At the same time, elements called potassium and crocetin are present in saffron, which can play a helpful role in controlling increased blood pressure.

4. Morning Sickness

On hearing the name of pregnancy, the first thing that comes to mind is vomiting and dizziness. You will be surprised to know that consuming saffron can also provide relief from morning sickness.

5. Improve The Mood

Mood swings occur in pregnant women due to hormonal fluctuations. Such as irritability, anger crying over talk, etc. According to research, the consumption of saffron can improve mood by removing depression and stress.

Side Effects of Saffron Consumption in Pregnancy

There are 2 sides to a coin, in the same way, saffron has some Benefits in delivery, but there are also some disadvantages. Below we will know about the side effects of saffron in Delivery.

  • Some pregnant women may be hypersensitive to saffron. In such a situation, they may complain of nervousness, vomiting, etc. If these symptoms are seen, stop its consumption immediately and contact your doctor about it.
  • Saffron is hot. According to experts, consuming too much of it increases the body temperature. In this case, special care needs to be taken about its quantity. Also, it is better to include it in the diets only after consulting a doctor.
  • There are artificially colored impure saffron available in the markets, which can cause contractions and premature pregnancy. Therefore, always purchase good and best quality saffron after testing it.

In this article, you learned about the advantages and disadvantages of eating saffron during pregnancy. Hope all your doubts regarding the consumption of saffron during delivery will be cleared. Our advice is still that considering the benefits of saffron, make it a part of the diet once you have consulted your doctor.

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