Rudrabhishek is Different for Every Work. Do this Remedy to Please Shivaji

Rudrabhishek is Different for Every Work. Do this Remedy to Please Shivaji

Rudrabhishek (shiva rudrabhishek) is considered to be the best way to please Lord Shiva. Which means Shivling is anointed with various liquids while chanting. Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva is done with different liquids to fulfill different desires.

Lord Shiva is the god of gods, so he is called Mahadev (lord Mahadev). Bholenath is pleased very soon. Bholenath is pleased to anoint Lord Shiva with a lot of water with full faith and trust. That is why Bhole Bhandari is called Bholanath. However, if one wants to fulfill a special desire, then acting accordingly achieves mental work.

To get rid of incurable disease

If a person is suffering from an incurable disease or if the state of Rogesh is going on in Kundli, then in such a situation Lord Shiva should be anointed with Kushajal. It is believed that this also frees you from incurable disease. Kush is a sacred grass like Durva from which Shivaji cures all diseases.

To get money

If you want to get wealth, you should anoint Lord Shiva with sugarcane juice. Lord Shiva should be anointed with honey and ghee to increase wealth.

For the desire of child happiness

The happiness of a child is above all wealth in the life of every human being. If you do not have child happiness then Lord Shiva should be anointed with milk.

To gain sharp intellect

If you want to sharpen your intellect, then add sugar to milk and anoint. If you want to get education, you are anointed with sugar mixed milk.

To acquire land and achieve vehicle happiness

If one desires land construction and vehicle, he should get Lord Shiva’s Rudrabhishek Dahi. It is believed that anointing with yoghurt gives land and building and vehicle.

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