Rinku was targeted, killed: MP Assembly Protem speaker

Rinku was targeted, killed: MP Assembly Protem speaker

Death of Delhi resident Rinku Sharma found an echo in Madhya Pradesh Sunday, with the state assembly’s protem speaker Rameshwar Sharma saying the murder was because he was working for the “cause of dharma and Hindutva”.

This comes two days after the protem speaker, Rameshwar Sharma, shared a cartoon on Facebook of a man being stabbed in the back by a man wearing a skull cap, with the hashtag ‘Justice for Rinku Sharma’. He claimed he received threats following the post.

When contacted, Rameshwar Sharma told The Indian Express, “Rinku Sharma was targeted and killed and if there was some issue about a business deal going sour, did the police get any complaint about it before? When the person is dead, one can say anything as the person is not there to give his side of the story.”

He claimed that according to information he had received based on eyewitness accounts, Rinku was carrying out a donation drive for the construction of Ram Temple when he was surrounded and killed. “He was a Bajrang Dal worker and would carry out its work. It is our duty to protect him. People will go about killing workers like this and then say there was a business feud and other issues; but the point remains that he was killed,” he said.

Claiming that was systematic targeting of workers carrying out the “work of Hindutva”, Sharma said: “I can give you 10 names of those who were murdered from Rinku Sharma, Ankit Saxena, Chandan Gupta, Ankita Tomar, Dilwar Negi to Prashant Puraji, these people were, somewhere down the line, doing the work of dharma or working for Hindutva.”

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