What Is the Right Way to Use Pad, Follow These Steps

What Is the Right Way to Use Pad, Follow These Steps

When the period starts, the biggest concern of a girl is that her clothes do not get stained with blood. Young girls who have their period for the first time, many times they do not know many things about sanitary pads like how to apply sanitary pads (pad kaise lagate hain) or which pad is good etc. know What Is the Right Way to Use Pad, Follow These Steps.

There are many options in the market today to deal with periods, but still when a girl’s period starts in her life, first she is given a sanitary pad to deal with it. Till a few years back, there was a time when mothers used to advise their daughters to get homemade cloth pads along with home remedies for period cramps. Well, with the passage of time, there are many such products available in the market to make the period experience easy and comfortable for women (Right Way to Use Pad).

Why is It Important to Use a Pad (Right)

It is only after stepping into puberty that girls first need to understand about periods or what is a pad. Sanitary pad or sanitary napkin is a kind of pad that is designed to absorb. Sanitary pads are placed in the panties in such a way that they absorb the blood, mucus and other waste coming out of the vagina.(Right Way to Use Pad)

How to Choose your Pad, Which Pad is Good

Women at every age, looking at their needs, decide which pad they should use during their period (period me kon sa pad use karna chahiye). To understand which pad is good, it is important to understand what we need from the pad. A pad that leaks, causes rashes from use, or is too thick can cause problems in use.

However, the good thing is that a lot of research has been done by companies in the field of period care. Today, in the name of period pain relief tips, we know not only home remedies for abdominal pain during periods, but also many more such as ways to get periods early etc.

Sirona period care kit includes panty liners, disposable sanitary pads, etc.

Sanitary Pads

Though the sanitary pads are mostly made of white colour, Sirona Ultra Thin Natural Black Sanitary Pads show that the color of the pad can be differentiated during the period. No toxins are used in these pads made from natural ingredients. Sirona’s black pads are ultra thin and soft and biodegradable. Due to the layer of absorbing natural fibers, these pads are thin and do not allow heavy flow to leak.

Panty Liner

These soft cotton panty liners from Sirona are perfect for those days when the period flow is very less like the last two days of the period. This product is also very useful for people who have irregular periods. If the period is about to come, then the blood spot should not be directly on the panties, it is also used for this. Panty liners are also useful for those who are using a menstrual cup or tampon for the first time.

Reusable Sanitary Pads are Available in the Market

Reusable pads made from biodegradable materials are more comfortable and skin friendly than synthetic pads available in the market. They are also pocket friendly and there is no risk of environmental damage after disposing of them like synthetic pads.

Sirona Reusable Sanitary Pads are made of soft, rash free fabric and can be used comfortably for up to 1 year. One pack includes 3 regular and 1 long lasting overnight pad.

How to Use Pad in Steps

Those who have never used a pad, it definitely comes in their mind that how the pad is applied (pad kaise lagaya jata hai). If you also have this question in your mind, then how to apply pad in steps:

1. First of all remove the paper on the underside of the pad and place it on the panty.

2. Now remove the paper on its wings and fold it towards the bottom of the panty and press it hard. Wings do not allow the panties to move out of place and also do not allow blood to leak from the side.

3. Wear panties. Now you are ready to carry out your routine.

4. To change the pad, first remove the wings of this pad from the panty and then take out the pad and wrap it in paper and keep it in the dustbin.

5. The pad should never be flush, it blocks the pipe.

How Often Should Pads be Changed

Most experts recommend changing pads every 3 to 4 hours in a normal plow. People who have a lot of flow may change pads sooner than this. Keeping the pad on for a long time leads to infection and odor problems.

Of course, nowadays women prefer to use tampons or menstrual cups in period care, pad is the basic need of every girl, woman in period care. Obviously, the use of pads, how to apply pads, which pads are good, these things are also important because many women still use sanitary napkins in our country.

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