Which is The Richest Country in The World? – 10 Richest Countries in 2023

Which is The Richest Country in The World? - 10 Richest Countries in 2022

Today you will know that which is the richest country 2023 in the world? And is India also included in this list, if yes, at what number. These include names of some new countries. Some people who considered this country poor, that country is included in the list of top 10 richest country in 2023 today. Let us know which are the richest country in the world?

Let me tell you that in preparing the list of world’s richest countries, it is not only done by looking at the money of any country, but the economy and economic condition of that country is also seen. Apart from this, the total wealth of the total population of the country is assessed. Each person’s income, business, property and property are included in the price. In this way, the list of world’s richest countries is prepared.

List of 10 Richest Country in the World 

1. America (USA) 


United States of America comes first in this list. Many of us know that America is a developed country. Today there are as many big companies as in world. She is associated with USA. Such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. All these companies belong to America. Apart from this, if we talk about the richest man in the world, then America is the biggest billionaire. Which helps a lot in making this country rich. Although many of us know. That the USA alone has 32 percent of the world’s total money. The total assets of the US are 105 trillion dollars.


Japan comes in third place in this list. Japan is quite famous in the world due to its technology. Japan’s technology is far ahead compared to other countries of the world. Japan is very famous not only in technology but also in making weapons for its tight security and exporting it to any other countries. The total assets of Japan are 26 trillion dollars.


Germany comes in fifth place in this list. For your information, let me tell you that during the second world war, Germany suffered a lot of damage. Due to which the economy of Germany had deteriorated considerably. But Germany worked very hard, and today Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. It is also a small country like Britain. The total assets of this country are 14.4 trillion dollars.


Which is The Richest Country in The World? - 10 Richest Countries in 2022

India comes in sixth place in this list. India is the third richest country in the continent of Asia. India has progressed in the past several years. Many consider India to be a poor country, but it is not so. India is included in the list of rich countries. India is a developing country. India was poor at the time of independence. But gradually the economic condition of India is getting better. There is still a lot of poverty and uneducated people in India, but some people are billionaires. Because of which, it helps to make India rich. India’s total assets are 12.8 trillion dollars.


Britain comes in fourth place in this list. The name of Britain comes in the most powerful countries in history. Even if Britain is a small country. But it is also included in the list of rich countries. Britain is a capable country due to its low population. Every citizen of this place is educated. The economy of this country is very strong. It is a very rich country due to companies and arms exports here. The total assets of Britain are 14.5 trillion dollars.


In the second place in this list, India neighboring country is China. The economy of India and China was similar in the year 1947. But with the rapid progress of China, today it is included in the second richest country in the world. China exports its goods to other countries at cheaper prices. Which helps a lot in increasing the economy of this country. Today, China goods will be seen in almost all the countries of the world. A lot of Made in China goods are available in the Indian market. China’s total assets are 63.9 trillion dollars.


Which is The Richest Country in The World? - 10 Richest Countries in 2022

France is the third richest country on the continent of Europe. France is quite famous in the world for its new arms traders, new technology and new products. The friendship between France and India is very good. And for this reason, more than half of India’s weaponry comes from France. France’s economy is very strong because of arms exports. France has total assets of 8.5 trillion dollars.


Australia ranks ninth on this list. Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Some people believe that Australia is a barren country. But it is not like that there is a store of mineral here. And this country is also counted among the richest countries in the world. The total wealth of this country is 6.4 trillion dollars.


Italy is the fourth richest country in the continent of Europe. Italy comes in tenth place in the list of rich countries of the world. Italy is also a small country like the rest of the countries. Italy has a very small population. Italy has many means of boosting the economy. Such as tourists, banking and agriculture etc. Italy makes the country rich. Italy is counted in the list of developed countries of the world. The total assets of Italy is 4.4 trillion dollars.


Which is The Richest Country in The World? - 10 Richest Countries in 2022

Canada ranks eighth in the list of world’s richest countries. comes in second place in the world in terms of the area of ​​Canada. But its population is a lot of work. America is a neighboring country. Canada’s company is spread everywhere in the world. Canada’s total assets are $ 8.5 trillion dollars.

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These were the 10 richest country in the world, information about their names and their total wealth. India was ranked seventh in this list till recently, but due to India’s growing stature and investment globally, India has reached number six in this list, and the way India has progressed in the last few years. Looking at it, it seems that India can soon get a fifth place in this list.

Until recently, China had progressed very fast, due to which it was expected to reach the first place too. But since the Corona period, China’s trade relations with many developing and developed countries have started deteriorating, causing it to face a lot of economic challenges, making its number dream seem far away.

How did you find the information given by us in relation to the world’s richest country and their names, tell us in the comments till then. and Share in Post Social Media.

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