These Signs Show Your Relationship is Affecting Your Mental Health

These Signs Show Your Relationship is Affecting Your Mental Health

Do you feel like you are walking around your partner on eggshells? Does your partner get angry with you over small things? Or do you feel trapped somewhere after every fight or rift? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then we do not feel comfortable telling you that this relationship of yours is worse than it should have been for you. Although all relationships have their ups and downs, but if you feel fear and tension all the time then it is not a sign of a happy relationship and a toxic partner can really affect your mental health. If you are confused, then here are some signs that show that your relationship is Affecting for your mental health.

Feeling Stressed

Fights and fights are part of any healthy relationship but if you are feeling stressed out 24/7 then it is not right. If you always think about how your partner reacts to certain things, then it means that your relationship is having a negative effect on your mind. Feeling stressed out can lead to panic attacks or depression. Because of this you need to take a break from your relationship.

Your partner is unapproachable

If you try to discuss a problem with your partner, but they don’t let you talk or blame you for bringing up the topic, they have some serious issues. Your partner is supposed to be someone with whom you can discuss anything and everything. Putting things off for too long or not getting the apology you deserve will only make things worse for you down the road.

Social Anxiety

If you’ve been ignoring your BFF and turning down social invites because you’re feeling low after focusing all your energy on your partner, we have news for you! It is believed that your relationship will bring you peace and you won’t have to distance yourself from the people you care about. The right guy will encourage you to spend time doing the things that make you happy. Wrong just won’t care! So before you start making him your whole life, please ask yourself is he even worth it?. These Signs Show Your Relationship is Affecting Your Mental Health.

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