10 Big Reasons To Unsuccessful In Blogging

10 Big Reasons To Unsuccessful In Blogging

After all, why do more people fail in blogging? What are the reasons for failing in blogging? Why only 5-7% of people get success in blogging. In this article, we will reveal the reasons for being unsuccessful in blogging.

Blogging is a very tempting job or business. People decide to create their own blog immediately after reading or listening to the stories of other bloggers’ earnings. This thing is different, they are unaware of many such things which later become trouble for them.

It is not as easy as people think of blogging. People think that it is only necessary to write a blog and write it. We can only do this work. This same thinking of his later becomes the reason for his failure in blogging. Because they understand everything later.

You can earn very good money from blogging, this is true. But not everyone can earn money from blogging, this is also completely true. Nowadays, whoever comes to mind, makes a blog and sits down. Hey brother, you also need to have some qualifications to do blogging.

Today the situation is such that out of Hindi bloggers, only 5-6% bloggers are successful. Everyone else is just going on a similar track. All these have not understood the reasons for failing in their blogging till date.

Come on, no matter what we are for, let us explain to you what is the reason behind most of the people being unsuccessful in blogging. In fact, to become a successful blogger, it is very important to have these 5 qualities which are as follows.

  1. You are a teacher from within (you should have the ability to explain or explain like a teacher).
  2. You should have detailed knowledge on a particular topic.
  3. You must be a skilled writer.
  4. You should have technical knowledge about websites.
  5. You should have patience.

Now these 5 Qualities are not there in everyone, that is why people fail in blogging and leave blogging after losing one day or the other. It is simple, if you want to make a career in blogging, then think beforehand that do you have these 5 Qualities?

If you think that you have these five qualities or at least 3-4 qualities then you can start your blog. Because you bring the rest of the Qualities slowly in yourself. So let us now tell you 10 big reasons for failing in blogging. (10 Big Reasons To Unsuccessful In Blogging)

10 Big Reasons To Unsuccessful (Fail) In Blogging

(1) Lack of art of writing – See, writing is a different thing but writing in a manner is an art. Most of the new bloggers lack the art of writing. They do not know how to describe a topic easily in simple words.

People do not like to read such posts in which khichdi is cooked. It is necessary to have the art of explaining any topic in you easily in simple words. But as we mentioned, more than 70% of Hindi bloggers are not skilled writers. That is why they become unsuccessful in blogging.

(2) Imitation of others – Think about what a blog is and why it is created. Blog is its own Online Dairy which can be read by other people as well. So when the blog is yours, then write your own thoughts in it too, why do you copy others?

Why do you want to make your blog like someone else? Why do you want to adopt someone else’s style? Why try to understand the SEO done by someone else. You create your blog according to your knowledge and according to your choice.

New bloggers open the post of old bloggers and see how they have done SEO. Where and how many times have keywords been used? What are the colors of the headings? This becomes the reason for failing in blogging.

Because sometimes you follow a blog and sometimes someone. In this way, Google only understands correctly that you do not have any talent of your own, you do not have any unique style of your own. That’s why he stops taking your blog seriously.

(3) Stealing other’s content – If you are blogging, then we advise you to never steal someone else’s content and publish it on your blog. You take a guarantee, if you do this then you will definitely fail in blogging.

Most of the new bloggers work honestly on their blog for some days. But when traffic does not come to them even in 4-5 months, then they copy the posts of others and publish them on their blog by making slight changes in it. This is the reason for their being Unsuccessful.

(4) Lack of knowledge – There are many reasons for failing in blogging, but this one is the biggest reason. People start blogging but after a few days they do not understand what to write now? Because they lack knowledge.

And blogging is such a job in which you have to write continuously for a long time. So a person with limited knowledge cannot achieve success in blogging. That is why it is said that if you have detailed information on a particular topic, then start blogging only.

(5) Quick to earn money – A blog means to make others aware of their ideas. Or if you have good knowledge about any subject, then helping people in that subject. But nowadays people have started seeing it completely like a Money Making Business.

From the beginning, it is a thinking that I should start earning thousands of lakhs of rupees from blogging as soon as possible. This thinking of his becomes the reason for being unsuccessful in his blogging. Nothing happens in a hurry in blogging, it takes time to get success here.

(6) Not doing regular work – The old phase of blogging has passed, people used to leave by writing 20-25 posts on their blog and wait for them to be ranked. At that time, as the blog age increased, those posts also got ranked.

But it doesn’t happen now. Most of the new bloggers are failing in blogging because they do not update their blog continuously. If you do not post regularly and on time on your blog now, then your blog will never progress.

(7) Do not take interest in blogging – As we told you that there are many reasons for failing in blogging. This is also a special reason among them. People start blogs with enthusiasm, but only after working for 4-5 months, their lives are filled.

This happens because they do not get the expected success in these 4-5 months. Far from earning, they do not even get proper traffic. But this is what is called blogging, the one who keeps working patiently for a long time will taste success.

(8) Lack of technical knowledge – Blogging is not just about writing. To run a blog or website properly, it is necessary to have at least basic technical knowledge. Otherwise your blog will not progress properly.

Because technical errors keep coming in the website. If you are not able to fix them, then Google will down the ranking of your blog. Blogging is not really a small job.

Here step by step new technical issues have to be faced and they have to be fixed. Now most of the new bloggers do not know about these things. Therefore, lack of technical knowledge also becomes the reason for failing in blogging.

(9) Buying Backlinks – New bloggers read somewhere that on creating more and more backlinks, the ranking of the blog becomes high immediately. That’s where people make some big mistakes. Either make a lot of backlinks in a short time or buy backlinks from someone.

Google hates both of these things. This happened to us in our first blog itself. We did some similar actions, after which Google imposed a penalty on the blog. After that there was no post rank of that blog and we had to close it.

(10) Not doing SEO properly – Look, no staff person from Google Company will read your post so that your post gets indexed on a good rank quickly. A machine that does the work of indexing and ranking your posts.

Therefore, make your post like this, do its search engine optimization so that that machine can also quickly understand which topic you want to clear and on which keywords that post can be ranked.

If you do not have any knowledge of SEO, then read our post on how to do SEO and learn Basic SEO from it. Due to not doing SEO properly, more than 30% of Hindi Blogs are not successful. That is, they are not able to perform well in Google. (10 Big Reasons To Unsuccessful In Blogging)

So this was our article for failing in blogging – Reasons for being unsuccessful in blogging. In which you learned some such big reasons due to which most bloggers fail.

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