10 Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant

10 Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant

Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant: Nowadays, problems like not getting pregnant, childlessness, delay in becoming a mother are becoming very common. When a friend of mine started having problems getting pregnant even after many years of marriage, she took many measures at the behest of people. After many difficulties, she could become a mother for five years. This story is not only of my friend but of three out of every ten women nowadays.

Most people consider only women as the reason for this, but the reason for not stopping pregnancy or not getting pregnant in a woman can be not only women but also problems related to men. Come, today we are going to tell you about some such reasons. Know ten Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant.


10 Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant

1. Ovulation Period

It is generally believed that one can get pregnant only by having physical relations but it is not so. To get pregnant, it is not necessary to have physical relations only, but it is necessary to make relationships at the right time. The ovulation period plays a very important role in the stay of the womb.

Ovulation period is the day when a woman is most likely to become pregnant. Having relationship during or a few days before the ovulation period greatly increases the chances of pregnancy.


For this you only need to know about your ovulation period. During this, you will get good results by making physical relations without using any protection.

2. Weight (Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant)

A woman’s body can also be one of the reasons for the lack of pregnancy. If the woman’s weight is too low or too much, then there may be a problem in getting pregnant in this situation too. In fact, it is very common to have irregular periods due to excess or less weight, due to which the woman does not get the correct information about her ovulation period.


Not only this, if you are overweight, then estrogen hormones in the body also become unbalanced, due to which the ability of the pregnancy to stay can be affected. If you are overweight or underweight, then you should control your weight.

3. Uterus disorders

Even if there is a problem in the uterus of the woman, then the chances of getting pregnant become less. Problems in the uterus can be caused by repeated miscarriages, your overuse of contraception or other medicines.

Not only this, if the eggs are not able to form properly in the woman’s body, then the pregnancy is not possible due to that too. There can be many reasons behind the egg not being made properly, such as if the woman has a disease. In such a situation, after the advice and treatment of the doctor, you can become pregnant.

4. Woman’s Age

Nowadays women have started giving less priority to becoming a mother than a career, but when they think of becoming a mother, they start facing many problems, one of which is their age. It is said that due to age, less eggs are produced in a woman’s body, due to which her chances of getting pregnant also decrease.

5. Unbalanced Diet

Some people may not agree that not taking a balanced diet can also lead to miscarriage, but it is absolutely true. Actually, the balance of our body’s hormones plays a big role in the stay of the pregnancy.

If you consume a balanced diet, then the hormones of the body remain balanced and along with it the necessary proteins and other nutrients are also obtained for getting pregnant. If the body lacks nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids or estrogen, it can be difficult for the fetus to survive. Along with this, consuming things of hot nature can also be a reason for the pregnancy not to last.

6. Stress or Depression

If the woman is struggling with stress or any other mental problem, then it can also affect the pregnancy. Actually, due to stress, the part of our brain which is called pituitary gland gets affected. These parts of the brain control other parts of our body like thyroid and ovaries.

Therefore, having more stress also has an effect on the duration of pregnancy. Not only this, even if you are facing stress or any other brain problem or are taking its medicines, it can also affect your pregnancy.

7. Men’s Problem

If the pregnancy is not stopping, then it is not necessary that there is a problem only in the woman behind it, but there can be a problem in the man also. Both men and women are equally responsible for conceiving.

Problems like low sperm count in the man, their not reaching the woman’s eggs can also be a hindrance in getting pregnant. In such a situation, if there is no pregnancy, then after the doctor’s opinion, the man should also get his checkup done.

8. Fallopian Tube

The fallopian tube is the tube in which a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm meet and where fertilization takes place. That is, the fallopian tube is also important in the stay of the womb. But if the woman’s fallopian tube is blocked or there is some other problem, then it can also cause problems in the stay of the pregnancy.

9. Problems related to Semen

Women take full care of hygiene after having relationship and immediately wash or clean their secret parts. It is said that by doing this it becomes difficult for a woman to get pregnant because it does not allow semen to enter the woman’s body properly, due to which she is not able to get pregnant. For this, you should stay in the same position for some time after physical intercourse so that the semen can go into the woman’s body and the chances of the woman becoming pregnant increase.

Not only this is the reason but there are many other reasons which are responsible for the failure of pregnancy. Like today’s modern lifestyle, pollution, less sleep of women, lack of vitamin-D in their body or not taking proper rest etc. All these have an effect on the woman’s body, which also affects her hormones or fertility.

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If you want to become a mother then it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking along with a healthy body. Nowadays we have made a lot of progress in the medical field. In such a situation, no matter what the problem may be, treatment of every problem is possible through new techniques like IVF.

If you are going through the problem of not getting pregnant, then visit your doctor and after getting information from him, get the right treatment. You will definitely get rid of this problem.

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