The three heroines Raveena Tandon, Kajol and Puja Bhatt were mad behind this Bollywood actor

Raveena Tandon, Kajol and Puja Bhatt were mad behind this Bollywood actor (1)

Bollywood actresses Kajol, Raveena Tandon and Pooja Bhatt have one thing in common and that’s their relationship with Kamal Sadana. There was a time when all three actresses had been head over heels in love with actor Kamal Sadana. Apart from, Raveena, Kajol and Pooja Bhatt have all had great movie careers. However the actor with whom the three actresses fell in love had a movie career flop. So at present we’re going to inform you some things about Kamal Sadana on this article.

Importantly, if Kamal had all the time been launched within the industry, he would have been seen as a rising star. Everybody was considering that this actor would go on to make a name for himself within the industry but the opposite happened. Very few people learn about Kamal Sadana today. Additionally today we’re going to talk to you not about his career, however about his love story.

Pooja, Raveena Tandon and Kamal had this connection

Within the early 90’s, Kajal, Ravina Tandon and Pooja Bhatt had been in love with Kamal Sadana. In 1992, movie director Rahul Raveel decided to make “Bekhudi” and cast Kamal Sadana and Pooja Bhatt within the movie. The love story of Kamal and Pooja started even earlier than the shooting of this movie began. The two fell in love with one another. One of many causes given was that the two had known one another since childhood. Pooja and Kamal got here nearer to one another. The love story of those two was very a lot discussed within the movie industry in these days. This love story was at its peak and that’s when Raveena Tandon’s entry took place.

In actual fact, Pooja and Raveena had been very close friends and shared the whole lot with one another. As soon as in Teva, Pooja introduced Raveena to her boyfriend. Kamal and Raveena have additionally become friends after this go to and neither of them knew when this friendship became love. However, when Pooja Bhatt got here to learn about Raveena and Kamal’s relationship, he immediately breakup and withdrew his name from the movie Bekhudi.

After leaving Puja Bhatt’s movie, the producers cast Kajol. Then again, after some time, Raveena and Kamal got into a relationship. There have been frequent reports of between the two. After the breakup with Raveena Tandon, news began coming that Kamal is meeting Kajol, the co-star of the movie Bekhudi.

That is how Kajol – Kamal’s love story started

It’s mentioned that the two got here close to one another through the shooting of the movie. In actual fact, even Kajol couldn’t escape Kamal’s charming look. The love story of the two was very a lot discussed in these days. However this relationship between Kamal and Kajol didn’t last long. After being in a relationship for two years, Kajol got into a relationship with Ajay Devgn and the two got married. At this time, the couple has two children.

Talking of Kamal Sadana, his movie career was a complete flop. His first movie, Bekhudi, was released in 1992, but it flopped. He was later seen within the film “Rang”. The movie did properly at the box office. The movie was considered a turning point in Kamal’s career, nevertheless it didn’t happen. As a result of the graph of his career in subsequent movies went down.

He mentioned goodbye to Bollywood without end. He then married Lisa John, a make-up artist, and now has two children.

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