Propose Day Quotes – Propose Your Partner With These Quotes

Propose Day Quotes – Propose Your Partner With These Quotes

If you are in a relationship, then your partner will definitely expect you to make the most special day of Valentine’s Week (Propose Day) more special for them. This is the reason that February 8 is very special for the youth, on this day all the lovers express their hearts to each other and make them realize how special their partner is. If you have not proposed to anyone yet, then this Valentines Day (Valentines Day 2022) feel free to express it with Propose Day quotes. The quotes given here will help in giving words to your heart.

Propose Day Quotes

1. True love is visible through the eyes, this heart yearns to meet you all the time, you also feel our love, so every moment this heart remembers only you.

2. I want to adopt you for a lifetime, whatever your answer may be, but there is a lot of love in this heart, we want to tell you this for you. Happy Propose Day!

3. Not two or four moments, we need a lifetime’s support, don’t play it, we want this relationship with you every birth.

4. There is no limit to my passion, I do not remember anything except your face, I am a rose of your Gulshan, no one has any right over me except you. Happy Propose Day!

5. We waited for a while, but we got the sweetest friend from everyone, we didn’t want anyone after you, we got that love from love. Happy Propose Day!

6. Your smile is our weakness, not being able to say it is our compulsion, why don’t you understand this emotion, is it necessary to give speech to silence.

7. We love them in our hearts, today we express our love on this Propose Day. Happy Propose Day!

8. The price of love is never paid, If love is not hidden, then express love in time, Otherwise love is not expressed after time. Happy Propose Day!

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