5 Problems Every Woman Faced During Pregnancy

5 Problems Every Woman Faced During Pregnancy

Problems faced during pregnancy: Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life. She brings a new life into this world. This is not only important for the pregnant woman but it is a very special moment for the whole family and they all start waiting for the arrival of the new guest.

Apart from all this excitement and happiness, the pregnant woman also has to face many problems such as hormonal changes, headache, sleeplessness, feeling more tired and many more. It is very common to have all these problems but whenever you have any problem during pregnancy, whether it is minor or big, you should always consult your doctor. Apart from all this, today we will know about some such difficulties which every woman faces during her pregnancy.


Problems Every Women Faced during Pregnancy

1. Constipation and gas

There are many hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy. It has often been seen that many women have problems with constipation and gas or they start having trouble in passing stools.

To avoid constipation and gas, a pregnant woman should drink plenty of water, as if you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, you will reduce the problem of constipation. Pregnant woman should include more fluids like fresh juices, milkshakes, coconut water in her diet, which provides relief in constipation and gas problems. Sometimes taking iron pills also causes problems, so it would be good that you must consult your doctor about this.


2. stress and strange dreams

During pregnancy, a woman often has many dreams such as strange, scary or dreams related to the child, which is very common. It has been seen in most of the cases that the dreams will be very strange and you will find it difficult to explain why such dreams come. This is because when you are pregnant, especially if you are pregnant for the first time, it creates a lot of anxiety and confusion.

Due to which you start worrying constantly. How will you fulfill your responsibility as a mother or whether both you and your child are safe and there are many other such things. Uncertainty, anxiety and all the hormonal and other changes happening within you can make you feel stressed and have strange dreams.


3. Feeling tired soon

During pregnancy, many women feel very tired during their first 12 weeks because at this time many types of hormonal changes take place in the pregnant woman’s body, due to which she feels tired even if she rests for the whole day.

Sometimes during pregnancy, many women start feeling tired around the third month. So whenever women feel tired, they need to take more rest. Avoid walking too much or doing things that can tire you out.

4. Sleep deprivation and headache

In the first few weeks of pregnancy, a pregnant woman may feel light-headed and sleep less. This is normal because the main reason for headache and sleepiness during pregnancy is that there is a lot of change of hormones in the woman’s body. For this, do yoga and rest, which will help you sleep well.

Apart from this, to reduce the headache, you should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water and pay special attention to your diet. During pregnancy, a woman’s stomach enlarges, which makes it difficult for her to sleep. For this, you should change your sleeping pattern, such as sleeping with the support of a pillow and see which one is getting more comfort in you, sleep in the same way. This will give you relaxation and will also help a lot in falling asleep.

5. Increase in white water

White water from the vagina is visible in every trimester of pregnancy, some less and some more, which is also called leucorrhoea or white discharge. This water is cervical mucus, which is an odorless water, which helps in keeping the female reproductive system right.

It is formed in the cervix during pregnancy, which keeps coming out of the vagina in the form of white water. Which varies with time, sometimes becoming thick and sometimes dark pink or brown. There is no need to be scared or worried because it can be due to dead cells. The reason for this is the high amount of estrogen in the body.

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These are all common difficulties that every woman has to face during pregnancy. Apart from these, there are many such problems such as vomiting, itching, inability to get up, stretch marks on the stomach, etc.

Apart from these, if you are having any other problems or difficulties, then immediately go to your doctor and tell all your things without any hesitation. So that the doctor will understand your point and will be able to help you to overcome your problem.

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