Prince Charles, Camilla kinder in real life than what has been shown in The Crown, staff reveal

Prince Charles, Camilla kinder in real life than what has been shown in The Crown, staff reveal

Netflix’s The Crown has been in the news for some time now, mainly because of its explosive fourth season which delved into the inner world and happenings of the royals after the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. While the show deals with the troubled marriage and the life of the late princess, it has been opposed by a few for the vilification of the other members of the family. Among other things, the season shows the love triangle between Prince Charles (played by Josh O’Connor), Princess Diana (played by Emma Corrin), and Camilla Parker Bowles (played Emerald Fennell).

Ever since the release of the fourth season, Charles and Camilla are believed to have received major backlash from fans, so much so that they also had to disable replies in their joint Twitter account, which was flooded with pro-Diana comments, an Insider report mentions.

Prince Charles, Camilla kinder in real life than what has been shown in The Crown, staff reveal

And now, some members of the royal staff have come to their rescue. The report suggests that they have said the criticism meted out to the couple hasn’t been fair, and that The Crown “doesn’t accurately represent their true characters”.

“I was a real Diana fan until I met the duchess, I really was. I wasn’t expecting that she would be absolutely lovely in real life. She’s a very thoughtful person, she’s very much for women’s rights, and when she does any charity work, she does it because she wants to. Not because she has to, or for the fame. She doesn’t do anything for any other reason than that it’s the right thing to do,” Deborah Mitchell, facialist to the Duchess of Cornwall for 14 years, was quoted as telling the Insider.


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Grant Harrold, a former royal butler and an etiquette expert — who worked for the Prince of Wales from 2004 to 2011 — also told the outlet that Camilla “isn’t cold and manipulative”, like the show represents. He also said the show got Charles’ character arc wrong. “In seven years of working for him, he never raised his voice to me, not once, never. And we were close, I was around him a lot,” he said.

Previously, royal biographer Penny Junor had criticised the show saying it portrays the members of the royal family as “villains”. While talking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Junor said the historical drama presents viewers with “caricatures” of the royals. “Every dramatist needs victims and villains, and I feel that what [The Crown’s creator] Peter Morgan has done here, is portray Diana as the victim and just about every member of the royal family as villains,” she was quoted as saying.

The author has written several books on the family, and has claimed that what the Netflix show has depicted is not accurate at all. “I’ve been studying them closely and followed them closely, and these are not the people that I’ve been writing about,” she had said.

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