Prevent From Pollution: 5 Effective Ways to Prevent From Pollution

5 Effective ways to prevent from pollution

Prevent From Pollution: As Diwali approaches, you start seeing something hazy in the air which is called smog. Not only does it harm you but your unborn baby, newborn baby and everyone else. With the arrival of winter season, the risk of air pollution increases manifold. The effect of this pollution is more on the children, not only this pollution is also affecting the child in the womb. Every child living in Delhi is not breathing air but taking poison inside. In the last few years, pollution in Delhi has reached a serious level, which the government is also taking many new decisions to bring it under control.

Pollution level in Delhi

Do your children have problems with cough, cold or itchy eyes nowadays? Does your child take heavy breaths after playing these days? You too must be hearing and seeing about it in all news channels and through people, but do you know the right ways to avoid it? If yes, then you should be alert now as it affects not only you but your children the most, causing them to develop lung problems, allergies, and even cancer. That’s why today we talked to many doctors and experts about this and know what you should do in such a situation so that you and your child are safe from this toxic air. Let’s know.

5 Effective Ways to Prevent from Pollution

1. Use N-95 mask

This is the most important and effective way to avoid pollution because toxic air enters your child’s body directly through the nose and mouth, which directly affects their health. For this, instead of cheap masks, buy such masks which have a carbon filter layer and which can cover their nose, mouth or face well. While buying masks, also keep in mind that N-95 type masks are the best. The right mask not only protects you from polluted air but also from bacteria and many types of viruses. Therefore, whenever you or your children go out of the house, do not forget to use a mask at all. These masks are easily available in the market nowadays. The Dettol City Protect N-95 mask is also very effective.


2. Air filter

If you want, you can also buy air filters that filter the air around your house and make it clean to breathe. Also keep in mind that it is with a HEPA filter as it filters out the harmful particles present in the air and makes it breathable. You will find these in the market in a variety of sizes and prices, which you can install at your home.

3. Drink more and more water

At this time, drink as much water as you can and give it to your children too. By drinking more water, the contaminants inside the body come out. Therefore, at such times, give water to your children to drink from time to time. Also, for a few days, avoid doing such work yourself which is too tiring and also do not let the children play outside for a few days. Your child breathes fast due to excessive running work or playing sports, so take full care of this.

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4. Eat foods which increases immunity

At such times, you should consume more and more foods that strengthen the immune system, such as walnuts, beans, broccoli, etc. This will strengthen your immunity and help you fight pollution. Children’s ability to fight bacteria is weaker than, so children must include such foods in their diet.

5. Magic lung tea

Apart from all this, you can make a decoction for your child which is very effective in cleaning the lungs. Let us know how to make it.


  • Ginger – 1 small piece
  • Cinnamon – 1
  • Basil leaves – 4
  • Ajwain – 1/2 tsp
  • Black pepper – 3
  • Cardamom – 2
  • Fennel – 1/2 tsp
  • Cumin – 1/4 tsp
  • Cloves – 2
  • Garlic – tsp


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  • Boil all the ingredients with 2 cups of water on the gas.
  • When the water is reduced to half, then turn off the gas.
  • Give it to your child to drink when it cools down.

Note: You can also add some honey or jaggery to it for taste. So these are some measures with the help of which you can protect yourself and your children from air pollution on Diwali. Keep in mind that your little caution can avoid the risk coming. Wearing a mask, not going out in polluted areas and in time, taking the right diet, etc. are some such small habits from which you can avoid the havoc of pollution.

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