Premature Baby Care Tips: How to Take Care of Premature Babies?

Premature Baby Care Tips: How to Take Care of Premature Babies?

Premature Baby Care Tips: Premature babies are those that are premature rather than at full 9 months. Normally healthy babies are born at 9 months but premature babies are born prematurely. Such babies are not fully developed or remain weak. Premature baby care needs more care.

Having a premature baby comes with many problems, from breathing problems to infections, etc. Due to all these problems such children need more care. So let’s know some easy tips to take care of premature babies.

Causes for Premature Delivery

Babies who are less than 2 kilograms before 37 weeks or less are called pre-mature. Nowadays the number of premature babies is increasing continuously, due to which there are many reasons like pollution, not getting proper nutrition etc. Such babies are not fully developed or remain weak.


1. Women who do not get a nutritious and balanced diet can have premature birth.

2. Women who do not get proper care during pregnancy or lack of medical examination.

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3. If the pregnant woman has any disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc., then she may also have the possibility of premature delivery.

4. If the woman remains under excessive stress or anxiety during pregnancy, then this can also become a reason for this.

5. Women who are not able to take good care of their health may also have to face this problem.

6. There are some fruits whose eating is also afraid of premature delivery such as pineapple, papaya etc.

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7. Apart from this, lack of omega 3 fatty acids can also be a reason for this.

8. Women who are constantly exposed to pollution or work in factories where carbon dioxide is released, they are at great risk of pre-term delivery.

Symptoms of Premature Baby

1. Premature babies are very weak.

2. The immunity of such children is also less.

3. Such children may have difficulty in breathing in the first few days.

4. Premature babies also have less weight, so they need to be fed frequently.

5. Premature babies are more prone to infection, so after the birth of the child, they are kept in nursery child ICU in many places.

6. There may be deficiency of glucose in the blood of such children.

Premature Baby Care Tips

Such children have to be taken care of more than other children who are premature. So let’s know how to take care of premature babies and what precautions should be taken.

1. Breastfeeding Preterm Baby

Premature babies are weak in everything. They also find it very difficult to drink mother’s milk. Therefore, you should try to feed your child only mother’s milk. If they do not drink such milk, then you can take out your milk and feed it through a bottle or even with a spoon because mother’s milk contains many nutrients which are very important for the growth and immunity of babies. Such children grow faster than normal children, so they need more nutrients which they do not get by giving outside milk. Therefore, avoid giving them outside milk and formula milk and give only mother’s milk.

2. Take care of cleanliness

There is a risk of infection in such children early, so keep cleanliness around them. If he drinks milk from the bottle, then wash the bottle thoroughly and clean it with warm water. If possible, clean all the equipment for drinking milk by boiling it in hot water. Always keep your hand with you whenever you pick up your baby.

3. Take care while lifting

Although all children should be raised carefully, but these children have very little weight and their bones are also weak. Therefore, more care should be taken while lifting them or taking them in the lap.

4. Hire a Nurse

Premature babies require more care than normal born babies. Therefore, you can take the help of a nurse in this. You can learn from them how to put the baby to sleep, how to lift, how to change their diaper etc. Your touch also generates energy in your baby and gives him a sense of belonging.

5. Sleeping ways

When the child is in the hospital, the nurse takes care of the child, but when you bring him home, you ask him everything. Try to make such children sleep on their stomach for a while at home so that their neck muscles can be strengthened. Apart from this, take special care of their sleeping time etc.

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In the case of premature babies, parents need to be more careful. Apart from the above tips (Premature Baby Care Tips), before the birth of the child, choose the right hospital for him, know about the child ICU etc. in your area, how to feed etc.