Pregnant Women Must keep in Mind During Eclipse

Pregnant Women Must keep in Mind During Eclipse

Pregnant women: In many cultures including India, whether there is a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, both are known for their bad effects. It is considered not only from the classical point of view but also from the scientific point of view the bad effects caused by eclipse.

Although there is no concrete evidence for this, but still it is so firmly embedded in our culture that when an eclipse is about to happen, it becomes a matter of concern. Some special instructions are also given to all the members of the house and pregnant women have to take a lot of precautions.


The family members also become very worried as it is considered as a bad omen and harmful for pregnant women. However, here we want to make it clear that the following information is only according to the things told by the scriptures and Hinduism, there is no scientific proof of this.

What are the Effects of Eclipse on Pregnant Women?

It is believed that eclipses have a bad effect on the unborn baby and can cause physical deformities like ugly birthmarks because the waves emitted during the eclipse can harm us.


The bad effect of eclipse is more on pregnant women than other people because there is a fear of bad effect on the unborn child in their womb. So they have to follow certain rules.

If there is an eclipse, then during this time a pregnant woman comes in its light, then its rays have a bad effect on the child growing in the womb. At that time some such contaminant waves are present in its rays which can affect the unborn baby.


Pregnancy Tips During Eclipse

From the classical point of view, pregnant women should take some special precautions and scientists have also believed that the waves emanating during this can harm the unborn baby.

So today we are going to tell you some such things which will definitely be useful for a pregnant woman during the eclipse.

1. Take a Bath

Firstly, take a bath before the eclipse starts and take a bath even after the eclipse ends because the atmosphere gets polluted due to the waves of the eclipse. Therefore, it is necessary that the pregnant woman becomes pure after taking a bath after the eclipse is over.

2. Don’t Eat

The waves that flow in the atmosphere during an eclipse not only affect the living but also the non-living things. Therefore, the food which is cooked before the eclipse, even the water lying in the house gets contaminated because the rays of light are diffracted during the eclipse.

Due to this several thousand micro-organisms die and several thousand are born, due to which food and water get contaminated. Therefore, avoid consuming food and water during this time.

3. Basil Leaf

At such a time, one should not consume contaminated food and water, but a remedy can be taken to ensure that the water is not contaminated. Before the eclipse, put the leaves of the basil plant in the water or the food items that you have cooked or want to use later.

The Basil plant is very sacred and the antioxidants present in it kill the contaminants present in the surroundings. Therefore, putting it in food items does not have much effect of eclipse on that food.

4. Do not cut vegetables

Pregnant women should not only stay away from sharp objects but also should not use it. Do not cut vegetables even by mistake during the eclipse and decide not to do household chores as much as possible.

Actually this rule was of old time when there was no electricity. At that time it was risk to cut vegetables in the dark without light or in the light of the lantern. But today you can do this work.

5. Use of Needles

Do not use needle in the dark during total eclipse. This can affect your eyes. It is argued behind this that there is light darkness at the time of solar eclipse or lunar eclipse in which this work should not be done.

6. Use of Knife and Scissors

During the eclipse, it becomes dark at many places. Pregnant women can be harmed while using sharp objects as there is a fear of glare at this time. So avoid using them.

7. Eclipse with the naked eye

The eclipse should not be seen at all with the naked eye. Yes, the diffraction of light rays can affect your eyes and it can affect your child’s eyes as well. However, you can easily see the lunar eclipse.

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8. Don’t get out

This is the most important thing to know for pregnant women during the eclipse. Do not forget to step out during this time. The waves of eclipse can have a bad effect on your unborn baby. There are ultraviolet rays during a solar eclipse.

9. Chanting of Mantras

During an eclipse, negative energy falls on the earth. Therefore pregnant women should chant or chant mantras by keeping coconut in their lap. The waves arising from it flow positive energy inside the house. If possible, chant Om mantra. This fact is completely related to spirituality.

10. Avoid Sleeping

Avoid sleeping during the eclipse. In our country, women abstain from sleeping during the eclipse. You can rest but avoid sleeping. However, there is no verifiable fact about this.

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