Pregnancy Weight Loss: Exercises to Lose Belly and Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnancy Weight Loss: Exercises to Lose Belly and Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnancy Weight Loss: The increased belly and weight after delivery become a problem for many women. If there is a C-section delivery, then usually the stomach gets enlarged. But you can reduce the increased belly and weight after pregnancy very easily with the help of exercise and yoga. With the help of exercise and yoga, you can become beautiful and curvy as before. But yes, to reduce obesity and belly after pregnancy, do not rush for exercise and yoga, but only when your body becomes completely healthy, then you start doing exercise and yoga. To lose weight after pregnancy, always start Weight Loss Exercises slowly.

When to Start Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercises

When a woman gives birth to a child, along with the child, the woman is also fully born. To bring her baby into this world, she has to go through a lot of troubles, both mental and physical. Even after having a child, it is very important for a woman to maintain physical and mental balance.

You can start yoga and light exercise 6 to 8 weeks after delivery. Initially starting with pranayama, then light exercises and later you can do all the exercises, but still you must consult your doctor before starting exercise or yoga. By doing fat-reducing exercises, your weight will be reduced, along with it your muscles will also be strong and the flexibility of the body will also increase. So let’s know the easy ways to lose weight after pregnancy which women can easily do at home.

Exercises to Loss Belly and Weight After Pregnancy

Do not rush to lose weight after pregnancy and exercise comfortably so that you do not have any problem. You can start exercising after 6 to 7 weeks in normal delivery and after 8 to 10 weeks in cesarean delivery. The exercises you can do are as follows:

1. Belly Rap

Wrapping after childbirth has been in use for a long time. You can lose weight with this type of wrap because when you are pregnant it mainly helps in reducing the uterine tissue and muscles, abdominal muscles and fat. This belly wrap helps mothers lose weight as well as get back into shape after back pain, vaginal delivery and a cesarean delivery. This remedy is useful for women who do not exercise regularly and who also do not follow a healthy diet.

2. Pranayama

You should do Pranayama exercise after delivery. This exercise is very simple and useful. This will reduce your weight. In Pranayama, Anmol-Antonym and Kapal Bhati is a miraculous type of Prana am, which has many benefits along with reducing weight. It is a Sanskrit word in which kapal means head and bhati means light. Therefore this pranayama brings glow on the face along with reducing weight. If you can take a deep breath while doing Anmol-Antonym, then most of your problems will disappear.

3. Trikonasana

While doing this yoga, due to the shape of the body being like a triangle, it is called Trikonasana. By doing this asana, the extra fat accumulated on your stomach, waist, thighs etc. starts reducing. This asana is the simplest asana for people suffering from obesity.

4. Padahastasan

With this asana, you can get relief from obesity by reducing the extra fat stored on the stomach. Apart from this, this asana removes constipation and strengthens the digestive system. To do this asana, you stand straight on both the feet and keep the feet together. Then slowly bend forward and touch the ground by placing both the hands on the side of the feet and try to touch the forehead with the knee. Along with this, try your best to keep your knee straight.

5. Kegel Exercise

The pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, and small intestine, are also called “Kegel muscles”. Kegel exercises have to focus on these muscles. While doing Kegel exercises, you have to focus only on these muscles. For best results, do not stress other muscles like hips, thighs or abdominal muscles. Kegel exercises are very beneficial after delivery. After delivery, do this exercise daily for 15 to 20 minutes. By doing this exercise, you will lose weight as well as reduce body pain.

6. Hill Slide

To lose weight after C section delivery, you should do vibrating slide exercise daily. Doing this daily for 20 to 25 minutes will reduce your weight without any side effects.

7. Aerobics Exercise

You can also do aerobics exercises to reduce your belly and waist fat and to lose weight. By doing this you can bring your body in the right shape and also make your figure good.

8. Setu Aasan

In this asana, lie down with your back flat on the ground and slowly raise your legs. The hands should be touching the ground and the stomach should not be bent at all. Along with weight loss, this asana reduces anxiety, calms the mind, relieves tension and mild depression, in addition to relieving headache. This exercise is a must for a new mother. Bhunjagasana should also be done by every new mother because it will give you relief in back pain.

9. Bend the back

In this posture, you take a ring and hold it near your waist with your hands and rotate your waist with the help of a round ring. It will help you a lot in reducing your weight.

10. Swimming

Swimming will also help you lose weight and refresh your mood. Apart from this, your muscles will also be strong. But keep in mind that after pregnancy, start swimming only after at least two months.

11. Morning Walk

Every morning and evening you go for a walk for 20 to 25 minutes, this will also reduce your weight and your mind will also be calm. Women who cannot leave their children can also do jogging while staying at home and standing at one place. If you are a working woman, then instead of using the lift in the office, you should walk on the stairs, this is also a kind of physical exercise.

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Tips to reduce belly after C-section delivery

After C-section delivery, more fat gets stored in the abdominal part. This is due to the operation here and the stitches there. There is no need to panic, but you can reduce it very easily. Tips to lose belly and weight after C-section delivery:

  • One month after delivery, start tying the belt on your stomach. The belt prevents the belly from growing further.
  • Drink ajwain water. It prevents belly fat from building up after C-section delivery.
  • Drink more water and breastfeed the baby.

Note: Before doing yoga and exercise for weight loss after normal and C section delivery, definitely consult your doctor because there are many types of physical movements that should not be done after C section delivery and normal delivery. If you have a C-section delivery, then do abdominal exercises at least three months after delivery. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.