Important Things Related to Pregnancy Test Kit for Woman

Important Things Related to Pregnancy Test Kit for Woman

In earlier times, elders used to guess this from their own experience, but now is not the time when people know that pregnancy is about to begin with the desire to vomit or eat sour food. After some time this information started being taken from doctors only. But with the development of science, now such pregnancy test kits are easily available at every medical store, which can tell in minutes whether you are pregnant or not. Today, with a simple kit sitting at home, you can find out if you are pregnant. But the question remains in the minds of many people whether the pregnancy kit tells it right? For this it is important that you know how to use a pregnancy test kit. There are many women who do not even know when, when and how to use the pregnancy test.

Important Things Related to Pregnancy Test Kit for Woman

Almost every other woman needs a pregnancy test after reaching a certain stage of her life. In such a situation, it is necessary that he knows every little thing about the test. So let’s know these important things related to pregnancy test kit.

One week After Having Missed Periods

Many women take the test in a hurry and get the opposite result in return. Actually, the presence of a hormone HCG present in the woman’s urine shows whether the woman is pregnant or not. This hormone is produced in the body only when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus. That is why the test should be done only a week after the missed period.

Test your First Urine in the Morning

Yes, it is the most important and important thing that the first urine of the morning gives the correct result for the pregnancy test. Actually, the amount of HCG is highest in it, so pregnancy test should be done from this. Urine of day or evening can also show you wrong results.

Use Pregnancy Test Kit Correctly

Sometimes due to your carelessness, you do not get the right results. So it is very important to know the right way to use it. First of all, make sure that the container in which you are taking urine is clean and dry. With the help of the dropper provided in the test kit, put three drops of urine on the strip box and wait for 5 to 10 minutes after that. During this, take care not to accidentally touch the center of the test strip.

It is Not Necessary to Get Correct Results Every Time

It is not necessary that every time the result of pregnancy test kit is 100% correct. Sometimes they also show wrong results. Women who have the problem of PCOD or PCOS, their results are also not correct many times. In such a situation, if the test comes negative, then do not worry. Sometimes household kits just can’t catch it. In such a situation, you can also know the correct result by getting a blood test done.

Must Check Expiry Date

Usually this test kit can be used for 2-3 years from the date of production. Keep in mind that using it after the expiry date may not give you the correct results related to your pregnancy.

Best Pregnancy Test Kit

Although there are many types of pregnancy kits in the market, but all require a cup to store urine and a dropper to do the pregnancy test. In such a situation, this question creates a lot of confusion in the mind that how to check the pregnancy kit. When it comes to the best pregnancy kit in the market, Sirona’s PBD PregRx pregnancy test strips with funnel can be named at the forefront. This is because it is very easy to use.

PBD PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips With Funnel

The specialty of this pregnancy kit from Sirona is that there is no need to store urine in a cup prior to the pregnancy test. It can be seen whether you are pregnant or not by passing urine directly in it. It is also special that this is the world’s first such funnel fitted with HCG, in which pregnancy can be detected by passing urine directly.

PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips
PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips

PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips

It does not require any dropper, cup, etc. and without any separate process, it gives you pregnancy information in just 90 seconds. Three funnels are provided in a pack and one funnel can be used only once.