Pregnancy Shopping Checklist for First Trimester

Pregnancy Shopping Checklist for First Trimester

Pregnancy Shopping Checklist: As soon as a woman comes to know that she is about to become a mother, it is the most special feeling for her. Along with happiness, this time brings, many responsibilities and many changes. Now the mother has the responsibility of both herself and her child.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, there are many internal and external changes in the mother’s body, so it is necessary that the woman is comfortable with these changes. At the very beginning of pregnancy, there are some small things that will be in your shopping list during the first trimester, so you can easily cope with these changes happening in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Shopping Checklist for First Trimester

There are many things that you should have in your first trimester of pregnancy. Having all these things will not only make you feel comfortable but your pregnancy will also become a bit easier. So let’s know what are those things.


1. Casual clothes and shoes

Most of the changes take place in a pregnant woman‘s body in the first trimester, so you need to make sure that whatever clothes you wear are comfortable. Many times it seems that during this time you will have to wear very loose clothes, then you think wrong. Nowadays, there are many types of stretchable and soft material dresses available in the market, by wearing which you can give yourself a fashionable look even during pregnancy.

  • During pregnancy, you can wear loose jeans (made of stretchable denim or silky denim) or pants, which are comfortable for you to sit and move.
  • Avoid wearing tight and tight clothes.
  • Wear some special style soft cotton clothes like A-line skirt, maxi dress, lanyard pants etc.
  • While choosing shoes, it is better that you buy flat base shoes, heels etc. There is a risk of twisting or falling of the feet many times.

2. Pregnancy Books

It is very good to read books during pregnancy, it does not give you stress nor feel boredom. You can read some pregnancy related books or choose any book of your choice.

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But be careful not to read too many sad books, which will put you under stress.

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3. Pregnancy Pillow

During pregnancy, as there is a change in your body, doctors advise women to sleep on their side. But women have some difficulty in sleeping on one side. In such a situation, you can use pregnancy pillows so that you will not have any problem in sleeping.

In such a situation, you can buy full body, half or pillow according to your convenience. To buy the pillow of your choice, visit the link and go shopping. However, the need for pregnancy pillow starts from the second trimester. It is better that you buy it in the third month itself.

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4. Dental Care Products

During pregnancy, it is common to have problems related to teeth due to calcium deficiency and hormonal changes. During this time, eat more calcium-rich food and reduce the amount of fluoride in your food. To take care of teeth during pregnancy, brush and floss regularly and keep checking with your doctor.

5. Chemical Free Makeup and Other Products

Many times after pregnancy, women are advised that they should now abstain from makeup and cosmetic products, all these are not right for the baby and the mother. You choose chemical free makeup for yourself and keep some things in mind while buying makeup.

* Minimize the use of deodorants and perfumes, as many chemicals are found in them which can have a wrong effect in the hormonal changes of the child.

* Apply lead free lipstick or lip gloss, otherwise the lead of lipstick can cause harm by going into the body while eating food.

Buy a good chemical free moisturizer for yourself, it is important that women often have problems with dry skin during pregnancy.

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6. Caffeine Free Tea and Some Candies

In the first trimester, there is a lot of internal change in the body. Nausea, morning sickness, etc. are signs of the first trimester. In such a situation, you should have something nearby to change the taste of your mouth.

If you are a fan of drinking a lot of tea or coffee, then you have to change this because caffeine and tea is not good for both the baby and you.

In such a situation, find caffeine free tea according to your taste, for this you can go online or consult a friend of yours who has used it.

Also, keep some candies or chocolates with you so that you can take them in case of loss of mind. But keep in mind that use everything in limited quantities, otherwise it can affect your health.

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7. Diary to Write Pregnancy Feelings

Every mother should write a diary throughout her pregnancy, in which she writes every small, big, good and bad thing that comes in her mind so that she can relive this feeling after reading it. You will not feel lonely and you will not need anyone all the time. Along with this, you will feel more connected to the child by writing every move in the diary.

8. Some other essentials

Apart from all this there are some other small things that you should have like.

  • Heating pad
  • Some healthy snacks to eat once in a while
  • Doctor’s recommended light medicine kit
  • panty liners
  • comfortable innerwear
  • chemical free oil

Visit the link and go shopping to buy some other little and best things that are useful in pregnancy. (Pregnancy Shopping Checklist)

By shopping for all these basic things, your pregnancy will be comfortable and you will not need to make a sudden rush in any situation.

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