Pregnancy in Winter: Tips For Mothers During Winter

Pregnancy in Winter: Tips For Mothers During Winter

Pregnancy in Winter: Cold weather is the favorite of most people, but winters bring with them many health-related problems like cold, cough and dry and cracked skin etc. The first cold can be even more difficult for new mothers because after delivery, the woman’s body and immunity become very weak and the responsibility of taking care of the baby is also on the mother’s shoulders.

In such a situation, if the mother does not take care of herself, then problems can increase in the future. If the mother will not take care of herself and fall ill then who will take care of the little baby because the newborn baby is completely dependent on its mother. During this, if the mother falls ill, it also affects her child, so after delivery, it is very important to protect yourself from cold in winter and take care of yourself. Know some such tips for Mothers During Winter by which you can not only escape the cold but also enjoy the new phase of life. (Pregnancy in Winter)

Pregnancy in Winter: Tips For Mothers During Winter

1. Wear warm clothes

I remember old ladies in our homes always advising the new mom to stay covered and not let the wind blow. However, this advice of his is not only for winter but also for the summer season. According to him, the mother should not come in contact with wind or cold after delivery in any weather. Doing so can be harmful to both her and the baby.


In the winter season, not only the baby but the new mother should also be completely covered and dressed in warm clothes so that she can avoid the effects of cold and protect her baby as well. After delivery, stay indoors as much as possible during the winter season and take measures to keep the room warm if it is too cold. By doing this, both you and your baby will be safe in winter. Do not go to a place with cold or strong wind. Wear warm and comfortable clothes while going out. Wear socks or scarves to protect your feet and head from the cold.

2. Oil Massage After Baby Birth

Oil massage is very essential not only for the baby but also for the new mother. Due to this the mother’s body becomes strong and the blood circulation in the muscles is also better. After bathing with lukewarm water daily, massage the body with lukewarm oil. If you have had a C section delivery, then you should consult a doctor and get a massage after that.

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3. Nutritious Food After Delivery

Nutritious diet will not only make the new mother healthy but her immunity will also increase. Eat seasonal vegetables available in the winter season like fenugreek, spinach, beet, etc. so that you get complete nutrients. Do not forget to eat nuts in winter, it will also benefit you.

For winter delivery, it is very important that you do not serve food rich in spices or ghee, oil as these can be difficult to digest and you may have to face many health related problems which can affect the baby too.

4. Use of Warm Water

Whether the delivery is normal or C section, in winter, the new mother should use only warm water. After delivery, the expectant mother is asked to compress the abdomen and lower part to relieve the pain and in most cases in normal delivery, stitches are also required in the lower part.

Giving a compress in warm water helps the stitches to heal. Along with this, neither drink cold water nor take bath in winter after delivery. Use lukewarm water for drinking and bathing.

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5. Stay Away from Infection

It is very common to have cold and cough during the winter season, but it is important for the new mother and baby to stay away from these diseases. Due to weak immunity of new mother and baby, they are more likely to get cold and flu or fever. In such a situation, along with taking other precautions, do not come in contact with people who are infected. Do not allow infected people into the room where you and your baby are. Even if you get a cold or any other infection, do not take any medicine without the advice of a doctor. Keep your hands clean and wash so that you and your baby stay away from flu or cold, cough, etc.

6. Stay Hydrated

During the winter season, the skin quickly becomes dry and lifeless, which increases the chances of problems like itching or cracking of the skin. After delivery, this problem can increase even more, to avoid this problem, drink as much water as possible but keep in mind that this water is hot, along with it use good moisturizer on your body.

7. Exercise

Do not take rest by making excuses that it is winter season or a new delivery has taken place. If you want to stay fit after pregnancy then exercise regularly or do yoga even in winters. But this exercise should be such that you do not have any problems. With this, you will not only be healthy soon, but your weight gain during pregnancy will also be reduced gradually.

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