Pregnancy Food to Avoid: What Not to Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Food to Avoid: What Not to Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Food to Avoid: The time of pregnancy is like a pleasant feeling for every woman. If you are also pregnant then you must also get many advice that eat this or don’t eat this and you feel like eating your favorite food but during this time you cannot neglect to eat in any month. What not to do during pregnancy Every woman should know what to eat.

In order to have a beautiful, healthy and healthy child, a woman has to take a lot of precautions like what a pregnant woman should eat and what not to eat, because whatever the mother eats during this time has a direct effect on the baby growing in the womb. Therefore, there should be nutritious elements in the food of a pregnant woman so that the child is born healthy.


We should keep one more thing in mind that what the mother is eating is for both the mother and the child, so women should take a special diet in pregnancy in which fruits, vegetables and other foods should be taken in balanced quantity. During pregnancy, the mother’s immune system weakens, which increases the risk of both mother and baby becoming ill. So let’s know what a pregnant woman should not eat.

Pregnancy Food to Avoid: What not to Eat During Pregnancy

Many times in the early days, you consume such things, due to which the fear of miscarriage remains. Foods that are high in Vitamin C should not be consumed. Things that are forbidden for a pregnant woman, let’s know:


1. Raw Milk

Pregnant women should not consume raw milk. By the way, milk is rich in protein and calcium and due to this, there are many benefits too. But consuming raw milk causes stomach related problems which can be harmful for a pregnant woman. Therefore, the woman should drink milk after boiling and filtering it. Even cold milk that comes out of the fridge should not be consumed on its own.

2. Jackfruit

Consumption of jackfruit can also prove to be harmful for a pregnant woman. Jackfruit is a vegetable and it also has a high amount of vitamin C. If you consume it then you may have to face problems. Brinjal is also harmful for pregnant women, although sometimes it can be eaten in very small quantities.


3. Stale and cold food kept in the fridge

Pregnant women should not consume stale and cold food kept in the fridge at all because due to this you may have problems in digesting food. Also, stale food is injurious to health. Especially you should not consume eggs at all. During pregnancy, you should consume a balanced, fresh and nutritious diet.

4. Caffeine

During pregnancy, you should minimize the consumption of tea or coffee as much as it contains caffeine. Many women consume tea after a short time throughout the day. Due to this there can be a problem of gas as well as due to this, urine also comes more. Tea should never be consumed on an empty stomach. Whenever you consume it, definitely eat something or the other.

5. Excessive Spices and Fried Foods

A pregnant woman should always eat nutritious and less spicy food. If you consume fried or spicy food in large quantity, then many times there are problems like gas and acidity due to digestion and lack of many minerals in it.

6. Cardamom

The effect of cardamom is hot and its consumption can affect the health of pregnant women. You can consume its tea once or twice during the day, but not in large quantities. Also, it should be avoided as much as possible during the night.

7. Stay away from hot things

Things that are hot in nature should be avoided during pregnancy. For example, dry fruits, jaggery etc. should not be consumed in large quantities.

8. Medicines should not be taken without doctor’s advice

There are some problems with the woman during pregnancy. Sometimes back pain, sometimes vomiting and sometimes stomach pain, in order to get rid of them, a woman should not take medicines without the advice of a doctor, because doing so can have a bad effect on the child. Therefore, if you ever experience any problem, then take only the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

9. Papaya

Papaya is one such fruit which doctors strictly forbid. Because papaya is used as a remedy to prevent pregnancy. Eating papaya causes premature labor. Due to which the problem of miscarriage increases. Papaya is high in vitamin C and its effect is also hot. Along with papaya, pregnant women should not eat pineapple and grapes among the fruits. Because pineapple is also high in vitamin C and the effect of grapes is also hot. Therefore, there is also a risk of miscarriage from them. Therefore these three fruits should not be eaten.

10. Fish in which the amount of mercury is high

During pregnancy, one should avoid eating such fish in which the amount of mercury is high. An excess of mercury damages the liver, nervous system and immune system. Apart from this, eating fish more than once or twice a week should also be avoided.

11. Undercooked or raw meat

Raw, stale, undercooked meat should not be eaten during pregnancy. Such meat can transmit viruses and deadly germs to the body. Eating raw or undercooked meat can also cause diarrhea.

12. Raw Egg

The bacteria called Salmonella present in raw eggs can cause abdominal pain or diarrhea in pregnant women. Due to this there is also a risk of premature delivery.

13. Junk Food

Eating junk food during pregnancy can lead to sudden weight gain. Junk food suddenly increases the amount of sugar in the body, because of this, eating junk food during pregnancy can also increase BP suddenly. (Pregnancy Food to Avoid)

Pregnancy is the most beautiful moment in any woman’s life. Therefore, pregnant women should be very careful in eating because a healthy baby resides in the womb of a healthy mother.

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