Pregnancy Diseases list: Common Diseases During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Diseases list: Common Diseases During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Diseases list: During pregnancy, the immunity of women often decreases slightly. Low immunity means you are more vulnerable to diseases. Due to the physical changes that occur during pregnancy women also get many types of diseases during pregnancy. However, if you know about them in advance, then you can easily treat them in time.

Pregnancy Diseases list: Common Diseases During Pregnancy

Complications during pregnancy can include the health of the mother, the health of the fetus, or both. Even if you were completely healthy before pregnancy, you may still have some complications. Although complete knowledge and care is required for a perfect pregnancy, but during this time you have to take great care to avoid many kinds of problems. Taking complete information and taking all the precautions before delivery not only reduces the problems in pregnancy but also helps in taking proper care of the health of mother and fetus.

There are some pregnancy problems that are very common that you need to take care of. Let us know about them in detail Pregnancy Diseases list.

1. Miscarriage

A miscarriage that occurs within 20 weeks of pregnancy is called a sudden miscarriage. This abortion is due to natural causes. Symptoms include vaginal bleeding, cramping, and fluid or tissue leaking out of the vagina.

But it is not necessary that the cause of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is miscarriage. Some women have bleeding during pregnancy and still have a healthy pregnancy. But you must get any type of bleeding checked by your doctor immediately. It needs to be tested to confirm a miscarriage.

2. Gestational Diabetes

It is one of the most common pregnancy complications and can occur in women who have never had diabetes before. That’s why it is known as gestational diabetes because women feel it during their pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can cause very high blood sugar levels in pregnant women, which can cause some serious problems for the unborn baby. But you can ensure that it does not affect your unborn baby by getting it treated properly by your doctor. Usually, after the birth of a woman’s child, the sugar level decreases.

3. Pre-eclampsia

If a pregnant woman still has high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and liver or kidney abnormalities after 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is a hallmark of pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia can start anytime after the second trimester of pregnancy. Obesity, women over the age of 35, high blood pressure, having two or more fetuses are some of the causes of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy.

4. Premature labor and birth

A perfectly healthy baby is born between the 36th and 38th week of pregnancy. Some women start experiencing contractions or labor before 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is called preterm birth and babies born under such conditions are called premature babies or premature babies. Early labor and preterm birth can cause health problems and can be fatal if preterm birth happens too early. The more mature the baby is at birth, the greater the chances of the baby surviving or being healthy.

5. Stillbirth

One of the most common pregnancy complications is stillbirth after 20 weeks, also known as stillbirth. There is no single main factor that researchers have found to be responsible for the sudden loss of pregnancy. However, chromosomal abnormalities, poor growth of the fetus, problems with the placenta, serious health issues of the mother or serious infection or any disease can be responsible for stillbirth.

6. Ectopic Pregnancy

This type of pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus. This is a very risk situation and should be dealt with immediately. Such pregnancies must be terminated immediately as there is no way to remove the embryo and insert it inside the uterus. Most ectopic pregnancies occur inside the fallopian tubes and are also called tubal pregnancies. This type of pregnancy can result in severe internal bleeding in the fallopian tubes, tube damage and abdominal pain if it is not treated in time.

7. Hypertension

Often high blood pressure is a very common pregnancy complication and it can be associated with pre-eclampsia condition or other medical condition such as if the mother suffers from blood pressure problems before conception. High blood pressure during pregnancy makes it difficult for blood to reach the placenta which provides food and oxygen to the baby. Lack of flow of nutrients and oxygen slows down the growth of the baby and puts the mother at risk of pre-eclampsia.

8. Placenta Previa

It is one of the most common complications during pregnancy. This occurs when the placenta is either abnormally low in the uterus or is covering the entire cervix. In normal pregnancies, it is located above the uterus and supplies nutrition to the baby through the umbilical cord. Placenta previa is not a problem during early pregnancy, but as the pregnancy progresses and the placenta is abnormally low, it can cause bleeding and premature labor.

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9. Low Amniotic Fluid

This amniotic fluid fills the amniotic sac which provides protection and support to the baby during pregnancy. Amniotic fluid continues to increase as the pregnancy progresses after 34 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. If the amount of amniotic fluid is less than necessary, then it is one of the complex problems of pregnancy. Low levels of amniotic fluid can cause abnormalities in the fetus in the first and second trimesters. That’s why whenever you go to your doctor for a checkup, make sure to check the level of amniotic fluid.

10. Infections

Some infections like UTIs, bacterial infections of the vagina, group B strep etc. can occur during pregnancy or delivery and can cause complications during this time. They can also be present in the newborn and can be a health hazard. Some infections can be passed from mother to child during pregnancy. Some infections can cause stillbirth, miscarriage, defects in the baby, illness, etc.

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