Pregnancy Development or Fetal Development Month by Month

Pregnancy Development or Fetal Development Month by Month

The period of pregnancy is very special for every woman. These moments are the most memorable moments of his life. Throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, some changes and movements keep happening in the womb. The changes that happen in the body from month to month during pregnancy are very special. Every woman should be aware of the physical changes that happen in these nine months. With this, problems that may occur during pregnancy can be easily avoided. The development of the baby in the womb is called fetal development. Let us know what kind of changes happen in Pregnancy Development Month by Month during pregnancy.

Fetal Development or Pregnancy Development Month by Month

First Month Pregnancy Development

For most of the first month of pregnancy, it may take you to know for yourself whether you are pregnant or not. Usually, women get an idea of ​​pregnancy when they miss the date of their period. But sometimes the pregnancy is formed only a few days after the last period.

The amniotic sac is formed in the first month. In the first month, the size of the baby in the womb is only equal to a grain of rice. In the first month itself, blood cells start forming in the baby’s body.

In the first month, women have to face a lot of morning sickness. Although it is very less in the first two weeks, from the beginning of the second month to the end of the third month, morning sickness dominates. Vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, irritability, anger, feeling weak are common during this time. During the first month of pregnancy, pregnant women should take great care of themselves.

2nd Month Pregnancy Development

In the second month of pregnancy, the vital development of the baby’s body begins. However, even by the end of the second month, the child’s body can reach only 10 grams. At this time, the baby’s hands, feet, eyes etc. In the second month ultrasound you can see the fetal Paul. At this time the womb has started taking shape.

In the second month of pregnancy, the problem of dizziness and vomiting in women intensifies. During this, they also start having problems with smell. The second month of pregnancy should be spent very carefully because according to the survey, most of the cases of miscarriage are seen in this month. During this time one should avoid lifting heavy weights or climbing stairs at a high speed.

Third Month Pregnancy Development

The third month of pregnancy is very important for the fetus. By this time the embryo is fully developed. By the end of the third month, the arms, legs, head, fingers, etc. of the fetus are all developed. By this time the ears and nails of the fetus are also formed. By this time the genitals of the child are also developed although sex determination is not possible at this time. By this time the length of the fetus is about ten centimeters and the weight is about 30 grams. Liver and other organs also start working by this time.

Since most of the baby’s organs are developed by the third month, the chances of miscarriage also decrease after this time. Women feel very tired during this time. The reduction in BP and sugar levels is also visible during this time. Weight gain, abdominal bulge and loss of appetite are the main symptoms of third month pregnancy.

Fourth Month Pregnancy Development

In the fourth month of pregnancy, the baby reaches the second trimester. In this month the baby’s eyelashes, eyebrows, nails etc. You can also easily hear the baby’s heartbeat this month. You can easily hear the baby’s heartbeat with Doppler ultrasound at this time. In the fourth month, the baby’s genitals also develop. By this time the weight of the child reaches up to 150 grams.

This stage of pregnancy is a bit comfortable for women as most women stop having morning sickness at this time. By the fourth month, the mother’s body has become very conscious about pregnancy. At this time, there is a slight bulge on the stomach and the baby bump starts appearing. One very important thing, if the child growing in the womb has any birth defect, then the doctor can ask you for other tests at this time, do not panic about it.

Fifth Month Pregnancy Development

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby’s hair starts coming. The development of muscles and the formation of fingerprints have started now. At this time children start taking organs. In the fifth month, the length of the baby reaches about 10 inches. By this time, the weight of the child reaches about half a kilo and up to 500 grams.

You are still worried about when your baby will kick, so be happy now. Babies start kicking in the fifth month. A five-month pregnant woman should wear loose clothes and use pillows to get relief from leg pain. During this hunger starts increasing.

Sixth Month Pregnancy Development

In the sixth month of pregnancy, the veins of the baby start showing. At this time the baby starts making movements in the stomach and starts hiccupping. With the sonography of the sixth month, you can easily see the movement of the baby. By the end of the sixth month, the baby’s eyes also open. By this time the weight reaches about 700 grams.

Pain in legs, waist and knees is common in women in the sixth month of pregnancy. During this stretch marks also start appearing on the stomach. Note that there is often a possibility of pre-mature delivery at the end of the sixth month, so at this time you should again be alert.

Seventh Month Pregnancy Development

The weight of the baby starts increasing in the seventh month of pregnancy. At this time his hearing develops and he starts recognizing sounds. At this time babies start taking turns in the womb. At this time the weight of the child ranges from 1.5 to 2 kg.

In the beginning of the third and last trimester of pregnancy, women have a lot of problems with weight. Bending should be avoided during this time. In the seventh month, pregnant women also start having trouble in breathing.

Eighth Month Pregnancy Development

By the eighth month of pregnancy, the baby is fully developed. You can also feel his heartbeat during this time. The baby kicks that you used to like till the sixth month may start bothering you now. Although still the baby’s lungs are not fully developed. At this time the size of the fetus is about 18 inches and the weight reaches up to 2.25 kg. But keep in mind that at this time someone’s weight can be less or someone’s more.

In the eighth month, it is common to have swelling in the legs, pain in the waist and back, constipation or piles. In the eighth month, mothers often get worried about not seeing the movements of the babies, but this is normal as the baby also relaxes at times.

Ninth Month Pregnancy Development

The ninth month is the last stage of pregnancy. Sometimes the baby is born at the beginning of the ninth month, which is normal. All this can also happen due to the mistake made in checking the due date. At this time the baby changes its position and comes in the direction of the vagina. At this time his head turns downwards. Talking about weight, in general, the weight of a healthy child reaches up to three kilos or a little more at this time.

In the ninth month of pregnancy, women often start having dreams. The weight increases. Many women also start to worry about childbirth. However, at this time by overcoming your fear, you should enjoy the last stop of this wonderful journey.

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It must be noted here that the problems occurring from month to month or the growth rate may be different for every woman. The development of the baby in the womb is different for everyone, do not panic about it. Take medicines only on the advice of the doctor for the whole nine months. Take iron and calcium tablets regularly. Take care of your diet and stay away from stress as much as possible. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.