Post Pregnancy Diet: What to Eat after Pregnancy

Post Pregnancy Diet: What to Eat after Pregnancy

Post Pregnancy Diet: Consuming the right and balanced diet after delivery also helps the woman to recover completely and resume the routine smoothly. In such a situation, a woman must include vitamins, calories and protein in her diet. Know what you should eat immediately after delivery:

Post Pregnancy Diet: What to Eat after Pregnancy

When a mother breastfeeds her baby immediately after delivery, the baby gets all the nutrients that are necessary for its development. In such a situation, it is very important to pay attention to how is the diet of the woman. Immediately after delivery, a mother has to take full care of herself as well as her baby. Know what the postpartum diet should be like after delivery: Post Pregnancy Diet.

1. To increase the amount of milk

The first thing that is given importance after delivery is to breastfeed the baby. After delivery, you should consume such things, which can properly produce milk in your body. For this, oat-meal, fenugreek seeds and garlic are fed to the new mother immediately after delivery. Add additional lactogenic foods to your diet as well.

2. To nourish the baby

The new born baby gets all the nutrition from its mother’s milk, so it is important to have nutrients in the mother’s diet. In such a situation, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals must be included in your diet. It is also very important to have variety in the nutrients in your diet.

Must eat pulses and cereals etc. Along with this, you must also include green leafy vegetables in your diet for iron and fiber etc. All this will help in the development of your baby. Not only this, you also need extra calories during breastfeeding and you will get that too.

3. For a speedy recovery

Protein-rich food will not only keep you full of energy but it is also helpful in overcoming the problems and troubles that happened during delivery. Paneer, curd etc. will help you recover quickly. Not only this, you will also be protected from pain and infection etc. during C-section.

4. Heal the stitches and wounds

The delivery process was not easy. Stitches are also applied during this which takes time to heal. For quick healing of these wounds and stitches, you should also include vitamin-C, beta carotene and zinc etc. in your diet. For this, eat fruits containing vitamin C like oranges, strawberries, seasonal etc. Along with this, you will also get good results by eating beetroot, carrot.

5. Source of Energy

With the arrival of the baby, your responsibilities also increase. After the birth of the baby, you have to take full care of not only yourself but also your baby, for which your energy level needs to be high. Your energy also decreases during childbirth.

In such a situation, after delivery, keep in mind that to increase your energy level, do not let the lack of water in your body. Not only this, include other things in your diet such as oats, nuts, fruits, green vegetables etc. This will give you a lot of energy.

6. No problem of constipation

Constipation is a very common problem after delivery, but this problem can increase your problems. For this, drink more and more water and also include fiber in your diet so that you stay away from the problem of constipation. For this, eating grains, green vegetables, fruits, oat-meal, pulses etc. is also beneficial for you.

7. Ghee and Turmeric Milk

For centuries, it is customary to give milk containing ghee, dry fruits and turmeric to pregnant women immediately after delivery. These things are rich in calcium and calories. Calcium is needed for the bones of the woman and the baby after delivery. To make it, drinking half a teaspoon of ghee and turmeric in a glass of warm milk, you will get well soon and you will benefit from the properties of turmeric.

8. Nuts

Nuts are considered extremely healthy for breastfeeding and pregnant women. Be sure to include almonds, cashews, etc. in your diet as it provides proper nutrition and vitamins. For this, you eat soaked almonds. Due to this, the mental development of the child also takes place properly.

9. Cumin

Cumin has many benefits for health, especially after delivery. Not only does this increase immunity and digestion power, but at the same time blood care is also done properly. It provides anti-oxidants, which gives energy to the body and can remain healthy. Along with this, carom seeds are also very beneficial after delivery.

10. Mole

Sesame seeds are rich in iron, copper, magnesium and calcium, which is beneficial for the new mother. It also removes the problem of digestion and constipation.

11. Register

Panjiri is a traditional sweet specially prepared for new mothers. It is made from ghee, dry fruits as well as many other things which are considered powerful for both mother and baby. This improves the metabolism of the new mother and gives strength to the body.

Things Not to Eat after Delivery

1. Caffeine

Caffeine can be harmful to the new mother and it can also harm the baby which can affect her development. Therefore, immediately after delivery, stay away from tea, coffee, chocolate etc.

2. Mercury fish

Fish with mercury and other seafood containing mercury are harmful to the child’s brain. So do not consume it.

3. Cold things

Those things which have a cold effect are also forbidden to be eaten immediately after delivery as such food can make the baby weak. Along with this, they are also more prone to colds and infections.

After delivery, no such thing is fed which is heavy or spicy in food. Instead, it is advisable to eat light and digestible food cooked at home. Too much sweet, salty food and cold drinks etc. should also not be taken after delivery.

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Water containing sweet fennel or carom seeds is given immediately after delivery, instead of plain cold water, which helps in keeping the new mother healthy. Everywhere after delivery women are given different things to eat. Whatever you give them to eat, just make sure that it is easily digestible and does not cause any problem to the baby or the new mother.

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