Podcast Meaning: What is Podcast, How to do Podcasting, Benefits of Podcast

Podcast Meaning: What is Podcast, How to do Podcasting, Benefits of Podcast

Podcast meaning: Friends, today’s topic is what is podcast? There are many of us who do not know about podcasts, so I thought why not all the information related to podcasts should be provided to you. People’s interests keep changing with time. Where at one time we were limited to radio, television for any information or information, today the Internet has changed everything.

In this episode a new term came into circulation podcast. According to a study, about 1 million people in the United States listen to podcasts every month. And in India too, the number of podcasters is increasing very fast. Today’s post is very special for many people who do not know what is podcast?, why podcast is gaining so much popularity. If you want to know what is podcast meaning? And how it works so read this post carefully.

What is Podcast?

Podcast is made up of two words. “Podcast” was created by combining both “Pod” from “iPod” and “Cast” from “Broadcast” from Apple’s popular portable music device. British information technologist, journalist, author and broadcaster Ben Hammersley used the term “Podcast” in an article in the Guardian magazine.

A podcast is a type of audio show or series that can be listened to on any mobile or computer device anytime or under any circumstances. These podcast files can also be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

In other words, suppose you are a digital marketer. Your knowledge about digital marketing is very good. Now you want to share this knowledge with your online visitors / followers / listeners. That is, a podcast is such a medium through which you can increase the connectivity of your audience through audio voice.

Podcast of Meaning

If we understand podcast meaning in simple language, then “Podcast is an audio medium to share information or information in a way, it is in the same way as we take the help of blog or video to convey any information”.

It is in the same way that we call any program broadcast on the radio as broadcast, in the same way we call podcast the audio information broadcast on mobile laptop.

What is Google Podcasts?

Google Podcast is a platform created by Google, where we can listen to user uploaded podcasts or do our own podcast. Earlier this platform was made for Android users. But now it is also available on iOS operating system.

How to do Podcasting?

If you want to do podcasting, then this can prove to be a very right time for you because the competition in this podcasting is very less as compared to blogging or YouTube, so making a career in podcasting can prove beneficial for you. There are many job opportunities in podcasting.

To do podcasting, you will need basic things like a good mobile phone or laptop, microphone as well as a good internet connection and podcast platform.

Now let’s talk about the most important things to do podcasting, because having basic things can not make you a good podcaster, for this you have to make a complete strategy. Which depends on the following things.


Before starting any work, we have to make a complete plan for it. First of all we have to understand why you want to do podcasting. Do you want to make your career in this or do you just want to do it as a hobby. If you want to make a career in this, then you must have a good understanding and seriousness for it.


The most important thing to start a podcast is the topic. You choose a subject in which you have proficiency or you are interested in that subject. This topic can be on anything. When you make multiple episodes on the same topic in a row, people will join you and your number of followers will increase. It is very important to make the subject interesting and complete. For example, I am going to tell you some topics here.

  • Information
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Story
  • motivational
  • News

Podcast Platform

If we talk about podcast platform, then there are many platforms from where you can start it. I am going to tell you about some such Podcast Platform here from where you can start it.

  • Anchor.FM
  • Google Podcast
  • Podbean Podcast platform
  • BuzzSprout
  • Khabri Studio App
  • Pocket FM
  • Spreker Podcast Studio

You can start your podcast from any of the above mentioned podcast platforms. You can podcast on Android phone or iPhone whatever you want. If you run your own blog, then you can also create a podcast on your WordPress blog. For this, you have to install a WordPress plugin “Seriously Simple Podcasting”, after which you can publish the podcast you recorded on your blog as well.

The podcast is made up of a specific topic. Many podcasts are created as series on the same topic. Earlier radio was one of the main sources of entertainment or news, but nowadays, the emergence of podcasts in place of radio in the field of technology is very promising.

Radio programs require a specific studio and a teamwork, but for podcasts you can use your private room as a studio. If you want, you can do it solo or on some teamwork.

Benefits of Making a Career in Podcasting:

If you want to make a career in podcasting then it has many benefits. The main advantages of which are as follows.

  1. Brand building
  2. Earn money
1. Brand building:

When you become proficient in any field, people start following you, which builds your brand image. Similarly, when you give knowledge-enhancing and interesting information to people on a topic, then the number of people who listen to you continuously increases, which provides you benefits in many ways.

2. Earn money

When the number of listeners of your podcast increases, then you also get many opportunities for earning. You get a means of earning from sponsorship to monthly subscription. Also, if you do podcasting on your own website, then you get paid for displaying ads from many other advertising companies.

Benefits of Podcast:

Podcasts are a great way to share information as compared to blogs or videos and it has many other benefits too. For example, to make any video, editing has to be done, which takes a lot of time. While podcasts do not require much editing.

In the same way, to get any information through video or blog, we have to concentrate in one place. While this is not the case in podcasts. We can also do other things while listening to podcasts. In such a situation, podcast information is going to prove to be a very powerful medium in the coming times.

Another advantage of podcasts is that you can create or listen to programs through podcasts anytime, anywhere. This feature makes podcasts unique from radio technology. Podcasts can be accessed by entertainment or educational means. You can promote a series of programs on a single specific topic.

Podcasting can be a great way to convey your personality to an audience. Also a very free means of expression is a podcast where you can enjoy maximum freedom to promote the content. With Podcasts you can listen to what you want, which means endless freedom for both.

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Why is Podcast Increasing in Popularity?

People are constantly busy with various tasks. That’s why taking out time to watch TV channels or listen to the radio often doesn’t happen despite your desire. Listening to podcasts does not require extra time. Also any work can be done. Podcasts can be easily accessed from any device. It doesn’t require any special time to listen.

No program on radio is available at such a specific time. So you have to wait for that time to listen to the radio. You can listen to podcasts anytime. Once downloaded, you can listen when you want to listen to it.

This is the reason why podcasts are becoming popular day by day. Monthly podcast listenership is increasing from 20% to 30% every year. Podcast audiences are educated family members. They listen more to podcasts that are ads free or less ad-free.

At one time TV channels were the only way to watch videos. But YouTube has taken over the various video sharing sites like TV channels. Podcast is also going to replace radio.


Podcasts have emerged as a career option in today’s time. At one time, advertisers depended only on TV channels for advertising. But now she also spends a lot of money on TV channels on YouTube, from various social media sites to podcasters.

Here you have been given a lot of information about what is podcast, podcast meaning, how to do podcast and how to earn money from podcast etc. If you want to do podcast, then you should get more information related to it seriously so that you can achieve success in this field efficiently.

How did you like this article, do tell us in the comments. Will see you again in the next article with new information till then.

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