What is Permalink in Blogger? – SEO Friendly Permalink for BlogSpot Blog

What is Permalink in Blogger? - SEO Friendly Permalink for BlogSpot Blog

What is Permalink in blogger: Permalink is an important factor for the SEO of your blog, due to which most new bloggers do not pay attention. How to optimize permalink for BlogSpot Blog so that we get better result in search engine.

What is Permalink in Blogger?

Permalink is the URL or link to any web page. That is to say, permalink is the address of the page or post of your blog or website which does not change with time.


You can open your post / page by using permalink from any search engine in any country of the world.

Example: This is the permalink of my post,


In BlogSpot and WordPress, the structure of permalink is different. In BlogSpot’s post, the structure of permalink is something like this:


Note: Although this is not the best permalink structure, but if you are a user of BlogSpot, then you have no other option. But you can use many types of permalink structure in WordPress.

  • https://rnkhabri.com/?p=123
  • https://rnkhabri.com/2021/04/30/post-name/
  • https://rnkhabri.com/2021/06/sample-post/
  • https://rnkhabri.com/archives/abc/
  • https://rnkhabri.com/sample-post/

We are going to talk about BlogSpot’s permalink here. How to set custom permalink in BlogSpot and how to make it search engine friendly.

Permalink for BlogSpot Blog

In BlogSpot blog you can set 2 types of permalink, Automatic Permalink and Custom Permalink.

Whenever you write a new post in Automatic Permalink, automatic selects the permalink from the first line of the title or post given by you.

Automatic permalink for SEO is not good at all because many times unrelated words come in it which can have a negative effect on your blog.

In Custom Permalink you set the permalink according to your own, that is, you can customize how many words will be in your permalink.

A permalink contains some part fixes and some part you customize according to your post title.

Fix part: http://www.rnkhabri.com/2021/06/ and use keyword according to your content in variable part.

Below are the important tips for selecting the best SEO optimized permalink.

How to Create SEO Friendly Permalink?

To rank in Search Engine, as much as the content, title and meta tag of the post is important, the importance of permalink is also there. With an SEO optimized permalink, there are more chances of coming up in the search results of the post.

  • Always keep permalink simple and unique.
  • Use the Main Keyword of your post in Permalink.

Example: If the title of your post is, Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online at Home. So your permalink will be something like this, make-money-online or make-money-at-home.

  • Remove the Stop words from the permalink. Stop words such as “is, are, a, the, in, to”.
  • Always use lowercase letter (a, b, c).
  • Never use numbers like Permalink such as Top 5, Best 5, Top 10, Year like 2021 etc.
  • Use Dash (-) between two words.
  • Do not increase the permalink too much. The length of the permalink should be between 2-word to 4 words.
  • Always write the permalink in English. Your blog should be in any language but always write permalink in English only.
  • Wrong Format: internet-से-पैसे-कैसे-कमाएं
  • Perfect Format: How-to-earn-money-from-internet
  • Once you publish the post, never change the permalink.

If you follow these tips and set a permalink for your blog, then your post in the search engine will get its benefit.

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