4 Sings to Know if you Partner is Controlling

4 Sings to Know if you Partner is Controlling

We usually think that a controlling person is aggressive, physically violent and bully. But in general matters, the nature of controlling or dominating people is not like this. Even if you talk to him for the first time, you will find him to be very calm and kind. Know if you Partner is Controlling.

Because of this, it becomes very difficult at times to identify a controlling or dominating person. Even in most of the cases, you may not be able to identify them at all in the initial time because they do not allow this to be felt by their behavior. Instead, they cover up their behavior very well and make you believe that you cannot handle your own things and because of this they are doing you a favor by taking decisions for you. So let us tell you how you can find out whether your partner is controlling (4 Signs) or not.

4 Sings to Know if you Partner is Controlling

They will make you feel Guilty

Controlling people are very good manipulators and because of this, they manage to make you feel guilty even if you have not done anything wrong. For example, if your opinion is different from theirs, they may make you feel sorry for it and assure you that your opinion is completely wrong and that they are absolutely right. If you have such people around you, then you should beware of them.

They keep you away from your family

If your boyfriend or a friend is controlling, then he tries to dominate you away from his family so that you have no supporter and you are left alone. In this way they distance you from your family and friends and brainwash you.

Burn over people

There is no doubt that whenever your partner sees you with someone else, he will get a little jealous and there is nothing wrong in that. But if due to his jealousy, he starts stopping you or refuses to meet friends or he becomes obsessive about you, then you need to be careful. If your partner is controlling, then he will fight with you even if you flirt a lot and will get angry even if you have a normal conversation with someone.

They make you feel unworthy

Instead of increasing your confidence, a controlling partner lowers your confidence and makes you feel that you are not worth anything. He doesn’t even support you on your achievements and on the contrary makes you feel stupid, unworthy.

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