Parent and Child Relationship: How to make Good Relation With child

Parent and Child Relationship: How to make Good Relation With child

Parent and Child Relationship: With the changing lifestyle of today, children are also changing. Nowadays, the innocence of children has been lost somewhere, the reason for this can be due to parents being more busy in their work, excessive pressure of competition on children in studies, more use of mobile etc. The increasing age of the children and the gradual distance between the parents can also be due to such as parents spending less time with the children, impose one’s own decision etc.

But as a parent, it is very important to understand that in this growing age there is a need not to go away from the children but to become their friend. This is the age when children need their friends the most but how to be their children’s friend? For this, some methods or changes in behavior are given below, adopt them to understand them and become friends of your children.

10 Tips Parent and Child Relationship

1. Give Time to Your child

It is difficult to give time to your children in the busy lifestyle but it is not impossible either. This age is such that children want to tell most of their things and also want to hide because they do not understand who will react after hearing their words.

In such a situation, it is necessary that some time should be spent with the children almost daily and they should be told stories of their understanding and ignorance. These stories will make them believe that they can share all kinds of anecdotes with you.

When children start sharing their words, stories or experiences with you, you will start laughing and crying together with them and listening to their problems and giving suggestions to them, then your relationship will become more like a friend than a parent.

2. Talk and listen to children

If you want to be your child’s friend, talk to them a lot. Talk to the child and learn about him, about his school, about friends and so on. Tell your kids about yourself too. By doing this, the children’s faith in themselves and you will be strengthened and with this your relationship will also be strong. Listen, understand their every problem and try to solve it.

3. let them make their own decisions

In growing age, this thing often creates tension between children and parents because at this age children want to be independent and take their own decisions. This self-decision making feeling increases their confidence which helps them in making decisions and increase their confidence.

Therefore, instead of interrupting them in everything, help them to take the right decision and if they do anything wrong, then explain them well.

4. Understand the child and the changes in their behavior

In the growing age, many physical and mental changes take place inside the children. Where he starts getting attracted towards other people, he wants to get away from the coercion of his parents. Due to such changes, children become closer to their friends, they keep away from parents.

Therefore, it is important that in this growing age, parents understand the changes in their children and their behavior and bring changes in their behavior accordingly.

5. Keep Your Thinking Positive

Your child may not initially accept you as their friend but you should not get discouraged. Parents who have negative attitudes towards their children or treat them harshly cannot be their friends. You should keep your behavior positive so that a bond of friendship and trust can be formed between the child and you.

6. Don’t pressurize

Never put any pressure on your child or compare him with any other child. By doing this, not only will the child be a victim of stress but he will never accept you as his friend. If ever he makes a mistake, do not scold him, but explain to him with love and encourage him so that he can move forward successfully in life.

7. share your stories with them

To be a friend of children, you should keep this relationship transparent, only then you can expect the children that the child will also not hide anything from you. If you don’t share anything with your kids, they won’t share anything with you either.

8. Understand him without saying

Children who are young, they easily tell what their problem is or what they want, but as they grow up, they start hiding their words because they feel that their parents understand them. will not be able to So never let this feeling come in your children. Try to understand what they want or what they feel.

9. Change yourself with the changing times

One of the reasons for the distance between parents and growing children is the difference in the way of thinking and understanding between them and you. It is very important to understand that at a growing age, children face many such problems, which as a parent can be answered only by you, but for this it is necessary that you mold yourself in today’s time and yourself. Try putting it in your children’s place.

This does not mean at all that all the things that happen in today’s time are correct, so first understand today’s lifestyle well and take your decision accordingly.

10. Go out for a walk together

To make your child your friend, go out for a walk with your child or your whole family at least once a month. This is a great way to get to know your child better. By doing this the child will come closer to you.

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Apart from all this, you can also help him in studies. So these are some small things but these small things can make a big difference. If these methods are adopted properly then the whole family can become a happy family.

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