Panic Attack Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

Panic Attack Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

Panic attack means repeated panic. Panic meaning is something that can happen to anyone at any time. Whether it is after thinking about something, because of someone’s thoughts or due to stress and fear. But when this anxiety starts happening again and again, then it should not be taken lightly. Because then this panic takes the form of panic attack. Many people have only one or two panic attacks in their lifetime, and the problem goes away, perhaps once the stressful situation is over. But if you’ve had frequent, unexpected panic attacks and are in constant fear of another attack for a long time, you may have a condition called panic disorder. Today we are going to give you every information related to panic. In this episode, first of all let us know what is panic attack.

What Is A Panic Attack?

Panic attacks are sudden, triggered by fear, panic, or anxiety. They cause harm not only physically but also emotionally. If you have a panic attack, you may find that you have difficulty breathing, sweat profusely and tremble, and can feel your heartbeat. Some people will also experience chest pain and a sense of detachment from reality or themselves during a panic attack, so they may think they are having a heart attack. Feeling restless, nervous, during all this you may think that you are losing control of yourself, having a heart attack or even dying. Now you must be thinking that why panic attack comes, what are the reasons for panic?


Cause of Panic Attack

The causes of panic attacks can be many and sometimes they happen for no apparent reason. Nevertheless, panic attacks can occur due to some of the reasons mentioned here.

  • Having panic disorder
  • Having an anxiety disorder
  • Due to medication for a disorder
  • Due to overactive thyroid etc.
  • Due to psychosis

Panic attacks often happen when you are exposed to a trigger, but triggers vary widely between people. In some cases, there may be no obvious trigger. These triggers can be due to the following reasons.

  • Social events
  • Public speaking
  • Confrontation
  • Situations that remind you of past or present stress in your life.

Symptoms of Panic Attack

Panic attack symptoms begin without warning, and reach their peak within minutes. If you have a panic attack, here are some symptoms that you may experience.

– A pounding heart, palpitations, or pounding heart rate


– To sweat

– Shaking or trembling

– Difficulty breathing or feeling as if you are suffocating

– Chest pain or discomfort

– Nausea or upset stomach

– Feeling dizzy, light-headed, or faint

– Feeling unsteady

– Feeling cold or hot

– Numbness or tingling

– Feelings are false as if things are unreal

– Feeling detached from yourself.

– Fear of losing control or “going crazy”

Ways to Stop Panic

Panic attacks can be scary and can kill you quickly. We are here to tell you how to stop panic attacks, which you can use to prevent or manage panic attacks. Some of these may help you in the moment, while some of these may help in the long term.

Panic Attack Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

Take A Deep Breath

Deep breathing can reduce panic symptoms during an attack. Deep breathing can have many effects. It can improve feelings of relaxation, comfort and alertness and reduce symptoms of arousal anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion. If you are able to control your breathing, you are less likely to experience hyperventilating, which can make panic attack symptoms worse. For this, focus on taking deep breaths in and out through your mouth, feel the air slowly fill your chest and abdomen and then slowly release them again. Inhale to a count of four, hold for a second, and then exhale to a count of four.

Close Your Eyes

Some panic attacks come from triggers that overwhelm you. If you’re in a fast-paced environment with a lot of excitement, it can trigger your panic attacks. To reduce the excitement, close your eyes during your panic attack. This can block out any excess stimulation and make it easier to focus on your breath.

Think Positive

Positive thinking can reduce panic attacks to a great extent. In most cases, panic is caused by negative thinking. When our mind and brain starts thinking wrong without any reason or starts imagining the events that happen on its own, then panic attacks come. In such a situation, it would be better to keep your thinking positive and avoid thinking anything ludicrous.

Do Pranayama

Pranayama works to keep the body and mind calm. It also helps in relieving stress. To do pranayama, sit on your back and close your eyes and take slow and deep breaths. During this, instead of breathing from the chest, breathe from your stomach. This process will keep your mind calm and keep any kind of nervousness away from you.

Reduce Stress

Keep any kind of stress away from yourself. Everyone is aware that stress is a common thing in today’s lifestyle. Then that stress can be of any kind from personal life to professional life. Panic attacks often occur due to increased stress. This is the reason why you should try to take as little stress as possible. For this, you can devote your mind to other activities. Like do any other work of your choice, follow your hobby etc.


Meet People

It is said that worry is like a pyre. This pyre is of one’s own mind, in which the body also burns from inside to ashes. In such a situation, instead of worrying, it would be better to meet people. Spend time with your friends and family members. Go out for a walk with them. By doing this, you will find that gradually but you are controlling your nervousness.

Try to Distract

Whenever you feel panic or panic attacks, try to divert your attention. For this, you can talk to your loved one on the phone, surf social media or watch the show or movie of your choice on the digital platform. If even this does not fill your mind, then you can do gardening or just go out for a walk with yourself.

Make a Habit of Writing

Our brains often overthink things that we think are more important. In many cases, we are not even able to share these things with anyone. In such a situation, writing your thoughts in the form of words can prove to be a better option. Making a habit of jotting down or writing down ideas is a good habit. Because by doing this the thoughts automatically reach someone else through the pen from your mind and your mind seems lighter. In such a situation, it would be good to buy a diary for yourself and write down negative and positive thoughts from the questions that arise in the mind and lighten your mind.

Consult a Doctor

When the problem of panic attacks start increasing, then it is better that you consult a good doctor. There is also homeopathic treatment for panic attacks. If you want, you can do that too. The advantage of seeing a doctor is that you will get the right treatment for your problems. And many times, the things that we can not even do with ourselves, we do with our doctor.

Yoga for Panic Attack

Yoga is one such activity that is actually a great way to stop panic. Additionally, yoga is known to help reduce stress, reduce and create feelings of nervousness. Yoga has become a popular way to renew the body by increasing strength, improving balance and increasing flexibility. Negative thinking and persistent worries are common for people with panic disorder. Meditation and focusing on the breath can help relieve anxiety and fear. Apart from this some asanas like Vrikshasana, Tadasana, Vajrasana, Shashankasana, Shavasana, Uttanpadasana, Makarasana regularly along with Pranayama like Anulom-Vilom, helps to remove all negative thoughts and fatigue of the mind. It would not be wrong to say that yoga is a better option for panic attacks.

FAQ’s on Panic Attack

Q1. What is Anxiety Medicine?

Ans: Zyrex Calmrex Tablet- 60 tablet is one of the anti-anxiety medicine.

Q2. What should be done in case of panic?

Ans: If you feel nervous, close your eyes, take deep breaths and try to remove negative thoughts from the mind.

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