Oral Hygiene Tips for Babies: How to Clean the Mouth of Young Children?

Oral Hygiene Tips for Babies: How to Clean the Mouth of Young Children?

It is very important to take special care of the mouth of young children because the germs and bacteria present here can make them very sick. It is also important to pay attention to the Oral Hygiene Tips for Babies of children so that they can understand its importance going forward. Due to breastfeeding or drinking milk, milk keeps accumulating in the gums, tongue and mouth of the baby, which causes the baby’s mouth to smell. Cleaning the baby’s mouth should be done very carefully and regularly. You don’t have to do anything special for this. With just a little effort and precautions, you can easily clean your baby’s mouth. Know how to clean the mouth of young children. (Oral Hygiene Tips for Babies)

Oral Hygiene Tips for Babies

Baby’s Tongue and Gums Cleaning

You need some patience to clean the mouth of small children. Even small children will not let you put their hands in their mouths and if their teeth have come in, then when you put your hand in their mouth, they will not hold back from biting it. So you have to first improve your child’s mood for this and keep him engrossed in something else. So that the child can clean his mouth comfortably. (Oral Hygiene Tips for Babies)

  1. To clean the dirt accumulated on the tongue and gums of the baby, first of all take some lukewarm water and some clean cotton cloth. Now tie this cloth in your finger. After this, press both the cheeks of the child and open the child’s mouth. Now dip your finger in water and put it in the baby’s mouth and swish it well so that the baby’s mouth gets cleaned properly.
  2. Start by gently rubbing your finger in the baby’s mouth in circular motions. But do not do this for a long time because doing this can make the baby irritable, so repeat this process after a while. By doing this the dirt accumulated in the baby’s mouth will stick to that cloth and his mouth will be clean.
  3. Another way to clean baby’s tongue and mouth is to use glycerin. You can easily get this glycerin from any drug store.
  4. Apart from this, the mouth of the baby can also be cleaned with ear buds. First of all, choose the sterilized baby ear buds. Now soak these ear buds in lukewarm water and move them slowly on the child’s tongue. You can also clean the gums of the baby in the same way.
  5. Take care not to bring the ear bud deep into the baby’s mouth and at the same time hold the ear bud tightly.

How to Clean Teeth of 2 Year Kids

Do not give toothpaste to clean teeth of young children until they are able to rinse well because the chemicals and harmful substances present in toothpaste for the baby can prove to be very harmful for the health of the baby.


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Till the time your baby’s teeth come out, you can clean the area of ​​his teeth with a cotton cloth, but if the baby has lost his teeth, then use a small tooth brush which is specially made for the baby. have gone Along with this, do not forget to clean the tooth paste from the baby’s mouth after brushing. Doctors also recommend the use of such brushes for children, which are specially made for children. Your baby’s brush should be soft.

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Use Finger Brush

For babies between one and two years old, you can also use finger brushes which are made of very soft material. While taking the finger brush, keep in mind that it should be of good quality.

Precautions While Cleaning Baby’s Mouth

While cleaning the mouth of children, some things must be kept in mind such as:

  1. Use soft cloth only while cleaning the mouth of children whose teeth have not erupted because if the cloth is hard then the child’s mouth may get swollen or sore.
  2. Small children’s skin is very sensitive, so do not use hot water while brushing them, but use lukewarm water only.
  3. Do not be in a hurry while cleaning the baby’s mouth, doing so may harm the baby.
  4. Do not allow a child under one year of age to use a toothbrush. It’s not good for them.
  5. You can clean your baby’s mouth with the help of a small finger.
  6. If the child has teeth, then choose a good brush for him. Do not clean his gums and tongue with the back of a toothbrush, otherwise the child may suffer.
  7. Keep in mind that do not force the cloth in the mouth of the child, otherwise there may be wounds in the gums and tongue of the child. Along with this, also remember that your hands, the clothes used and the water should all be absolutely clean, otherwise the
  8. baby may also get an infection. Along with this, cut your nails too.
  9. When the child is a little older, teach him to use a toothbrush. Young children also like to play with toothbrush in the beginning, let them do so. Encourage your child to brush their teeth. Do not give toothpaste containing fluoride until the child is 6 years old.
  10. Children love the sweet taste of toothpaste and do not spit it out but swallow it many times. So teach them not to swallow toothpaste but to spit.

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The sooner you start oral care, the better. Cleanliness at an early age can help children lead a healthy life. As soon as the teeth of the child start coming, it is also necessary to get their teeth checked regularly. (Oral Hygiene Tips for Babies).

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