How To Get Online Marriage Certificate – Process To Apply For Online Marriage Certificate!

How To Get Online Marriage Certificate – Process To Apply For Online Marriage Certificate!

Apply Online Marriage Certificate: According to Rule 10 (2) of Marriage Certificate under the Marriage Registration Act 2008 in our country, it is mandatory for every Indian citizen to get his marriage certificate made. If your marriage certificate is not made, then to give proof of your marriage, you need many documents like wedding photograph, marriage card etc., which are very difficult to carry and handle together, where you will get marriage certificate.

Apart from this, marriage certificate is also required in many other places like updating marital status in passport, opening joint account in bank, taking joint loan and couple visa etc. Until a few years ago, only a few things used to be online. But today a revolution has come in the internet world in India.

We have the cheapest data facility in the world, and this is one of the big reasons that today all work has started going online in our country. Today we will tell you through our post that how to make marriage certificate online and how to make marriage certificate. If you have got married or are about to get married and you are worried about how to get a Marriage Certificate, then leave this worry and just stay connected with us till the end of this post because today we will tell you Online Marriage Certificate MP, How to get Online Marriage Certificate UP, Online Marriage Certificate Delhi.


Documents for Marriage Certificate

Along with the online marriage certificate form, the documents given below also have to be uploaded, read them carefully so that you do not face any problems while filling the marriage certificate form. The list of all the documents required to become a Marriage Certificate is displayed below:

  • Separate passport size photograph of both the bride and the groom.
  • Wedding photograph of bride and groom.
  • ID proof of the groom.
  • ID proof of the bride.
  • Documents required to verify the date of birth of the bridegroom (Birth Certificate / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Marks List)
  • Documents required to verify the date of birth of the bride (Birth Certificate / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Marks List)
  • Affidavit of bride along with affidavit.
  • Affidavit of the bridegroom with affidavit.
  • ID proof of the address of the first witness.
  • ID proof of the address of the Second witness.

How to get Marriage Certificate

To get an online marriage certificate, you have to visit the official website of the municipality of your state. This website is in both Hindi and English languages, so that you can apply for Marriage Certificate online by visiting them and following the instructions. For your help, we are giving the official website address of some major states:

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  • Madhya Pradesh (
  • Uttar Pradesh (
  • Rajasthan (
  • Maharashtra (
  • Delhi (

Similarly, an official website has been created by each state to provide online facilities to its citizens, using which marriage can be done online.

For example, we are presenting Marriage Certificate Online MP in the form of Marriage Certificate Form In Hindi Format. Which will help you to understand the online application process.

Step 1: Visit Website

First of all open the official website

Step 2: Citizen Services

Now click on “Citizen Services” from the main page.

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How to get Marriage Certificate

Step 3: Marriage Registration

Now a list will open in front of you. From this click on “Marriage Registration”.

How to get Marriage Certificate

Step 4: Click Here To Apply

Now read the complete information required for the application of your marriage certificate and then click on “Click Here To Apply”.

How to get Marriage Certificate

Step 5: Select Your City

Now in this page click on “Select Your City” and select the city name.

Select Your City

Step 6: Fill Form

After selecting the city, online application form will appear in front of you, fill it thoroughly and upload all the documents after scanning and click on “Continue”.

Fill Form

Step 7: Make Payment

After completing the marriage certificate form the payment mode will appear on the screen. After successful payment, the applicant will be given an acknowledgment number and payment receipt through the registered email id and mobile number.

After this, this payment receipt and necessary documents should be presented to the concerned officials in the ward office so that you can complete the process of Online Marriage Certificate Download as soon as possible. You can download the marriage certificate once the documents are verified by the officials.

Benefits of marriage certificate

There are many benefits of marriage certificate, some of which are listed below:

  • According to the Indian Constitution, the marriage certificate gives legal recognition to your marriage.
  • It is required for opening joint accounts in banks.
  • Legally recognized for confirmation of the application of the nominee to the wife or husband for the benefit of life insurance.
  • Documents have to be submitted so that the insurance claim is received quickly, as the verification is done easily.
  • Marriage certificate provides social security to the married couple.
  • Marriage in foreign embassy to apply for passport, couple travel visa and permanent residency in another country.
  • Certificate submission is required.
  • This certificate is very necessary in both the case of married or divorced.
  • Marriage certificate helps in curbing evils like child marriage because if either of the bride and groom is getting married before the prescribed age limit then marriage certificate is not made.

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Marriage certificate is also a very important document like birth certificate, death certificate etc. Today, through this post of ours, we have explained you all the necessary information for marriage certificate like how to make marriage certificate and documents required for this in detail. If you have liked the information about getting a Marriage Certificate online, then share it and inspire your friends to complete this auspicious work after an auspicious marriage, thank you!