6 Reasons Why Office Cleaning Should Be A Daily Routine

6 Reasons Why Office Cleaning Should Be A Daily Routine

The office is where we spend most of our waking hours, doing our daily tasks, and bringing value to the company as an employee. As such, maintaining the cleanliness of your office or workspace is important in keeping you healthy (Office Cleaning), happy, and productive.

Most offices have their own in-house cleaning crew, or avail of professional services, like this office cleaning company in Singapore. Professional cleaning services make office upkeep easier, as experienced cleaners sanitize and organize the office out of the way of other employees’ work.

6 Reasons Why Office Cleaning Should Be A Daily Routine

Some people regularly clean their workspace by themselves in order to maintain a thorough and organized workplace, while others may forget that office cleaning is just as important as cleaning your home. Nonetheless, here are 8 reasons why you should think about scheduling a daily cleaning routine in your office:

1.  Dust gets in the office and settles on equipment

Dust is inevitable – dust is everywhere, and can get onto anything. When dust gets into office equipment, however, these machines can malfunction due to the dust buildup that gets in through the vents. Printers, coffee makers, and CPUs are just some of the office equipment that regularly gather dust that can greatly affect the lifespan of these machines.

Doing daily cleaning minimizes the dust that gathers into crevices. While we may not be able to get everything out, we can at least lengthen the lifespan and durability of our office equipment by getting rid of dust particles before they get into the vents of office equipment and machines.

2.  The communal pantry can get musty

The communal pantry, as its name suggests, is a shared space where coworkers can eat, replenish fluids, and chit chat about office gossip. Since this is where people go to take a break and eat, the communal pantry can get dirty easily.

Food particles, oils, grease, and moisture all contribute to the musty smell in uncleaned communal break rooms. Mold and mildew can grow on surfaces and feed off of food particles and moisture, so daily cleaning is a must in combating mold and mildew from forming in hidden nooks and crannies of the communal pantry.

3.  Restrooms see a lot of filth and grime

Since the office environment is made up of different people, the bathroom is a highly used area for employees to, well, remove bodily waste. Take note of the term waste, which connotes the filth and grime that the restroom accumulates daily.

Frequent cleaning of the bathroom is much needed in public spaces, as unclean or improperly cleaned bathrooms can produce foul, off-putting odours. The germs that fester in these areas can also make people sick, spread disease, and become a health hazard to anyone using the facilities. Keeping the bathroom clean in both homes and offices is essential for good health.

4.  The reception area is a high-traffic area

The reception area, or front of the office, is where people pass by each day going in and out of the office. Workers, clients, and visitors regularly pass by the reception area before getting into the offices, making the front of the office a high-traffic area.

To combat the dirt and germs that form in the reception area, regular cleaning and disinfection is required, ensuring that the first area visitors see is clean and presentable. The reception area typically features a main desk, waiting chairs, and coffee tables which must all be cleared of any dust daily. The glass doors and door knobs should be sanitized, and the carpet vacuumed.

5.  A clean office is a productive office

No more shuffling around looking for lost documents! Maintaining an organized filing system, clean office, and cleared desks promotes increased office productivity. Offices deal with a lot of files and records of their operations and sales, so making sure everything is in the right place helps to find necessary documents when needed.

Other than document organization, a clean office helps to keep employees energized in doing work. No one wants to work in a filthy, dusty office! Seeing the office cleaned everyday removes the stress of working in an inadequate environment, and gives employees the opportunity to do their tasks unhindered by dust and allergies.

6.  Cleaning prevents pests from making home in your office

Of course, with no food particles or dirty spaces to hide in, pests won’t survive in a clean office. Prevent pests from making a home in your office with daily office cleaning to get rid of crumbs, clean out unused spaces, and do pest control before the matter becomes too troublesome to handle.

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With our lives revolving around our offices on a regular basis, we need to upkeep our workspaces as well as we do our homes. Shared spaces may be convenient for a business setting, but for your personal workspace, you may want to look into cleaning options for daily maintenance.

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