How and When Number Plate was Used for First Time in World

How and When Number Plate was Used for First Time in World.

Number Plate was Used for First Time in World: Its number plate is very important in any vehicle. From this number plate, we get a lot of information related to the vehicle. For example, whether to find out the owner from the vehicle number or whether the vehicle is insured or not, how old the vehicle is, etc., it becomes very easy to know. This is the registration number of the vehicle, through which it can be found out from which state and district of the country the vehicle is from. If the driver violates any rule while driving, then the police and transport officers take further action on the basis of the number plate.

Number plates on vehicles are usually installed in all the countries of the world, but have you ever wondered where the first number plate started in the world? If not, then today you will know about this small but interesting information that how and when the use of number plates started for the first time in the world.

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How and When Number Plate was Used for First Time in World

The first number plate in the world was used in 1783 by King Louis XVI of France on his carriage. Horses used to pull this carriage of his. Make his car stand out from other vehicles. After this, when cars and other vehicles were invented and gradually the number of vehicles on the roads started increasing, then the need to keep their records was felt.

France was the first country in the world where number plates were introduced on 14 August 1893. Seeing the advantages of this number plate, after this Germany in 1896, and after Germany, the Netherlands adopted the number plate system in 1898. Seeing the many benefits of this number plate, gradually this system was implemented all over the world. Today the number plate of the vehicle number in India was started from the time of the British.

When was the Number Plate Introduced in India?

The introduction of number plates in India is considered to be from 1902. The number plate system currently in force in the country was introduced in the 90s. Number plates in India are issued by the Regional Transport Office. The code of the state where the vehicle is registered is first written on the number plate. This code is of 2 letters in English, followed by 2 digits indicating the information about the Regional Transport Office. Then a special 4-digit number is written to identify the vehicle. Registration numbers are allotted across the country on the same pattern. As per the current rules, it has been made mandatory to put high security number plates on the vehicles. Some people consider the number plates of vehicles to be a matter of good fortune and prestige for themselves. The Transport Department auctions the VIP numbers and people also pay a good price to get the VIP number of their choice.

Do you know?

Friends, do you know that Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, is such a person in America who drives a car without a number plate. If you are thinking that he is a very big industrialist of America, so he must have got exemption for this. But it is not like that at all. In fact, according to the Vehicle Law in California, America, any new vehicle can be driven without a number plate for six months and after that a fine is charged if caught. And Steve Jobs used to change his car every six months. He used to do this so that no one could trace him.

World’s Most Expensive Number Plate:

Friends, you will be surprised to know that the cost of the world’s most expensive number plate is more than the cost of a luxury car. Actually the owner of a famous car customizer company in UK has the registration number of a vehicle which has been valued at Rs.90 crore but he refused to sell it. The Registration number of this number plate is F1. For your information, let me tell you that the F1 number is the short form of ‘Formula 1 Racing‘. Due to this, the cost of this number plate was fixed at Rs.90 crore. If this number sells, it will be the most expensive number plate in the world.

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