NGO Full Form – What is NGO and How to Make an NGO

NGO Full Form – What is NGO and How to Make an NGO.

NGO Full Form is “Non Government Organization“. NGO means an NGO that is neither a part of the government nor a traditional for-profit business. It is non profit business which is an organization created to solve problems related to elderly, poor helpless children, and environment etc. If you also want to know about What Is NGO and what are the posts in NGO, then read the post till the end.

There are many such poor and destitute people in the country who are victims of poverty and oppression, whereas in today’s era where humanity will hardly survive, NGO organization is no less than an angel among them who think about their benefits without thinking about it. helps these people. Do you also want to extend your hand to help these people, but for this you should be fully aware of the NGO.

If you want to run your own NGO then first you should have complete knowledge of NGO like- what is NGO, NGO full form, functions, purpose and what is NGO etc.

What is an NGO

NGO means which is a private organization. Social work is done by helping people through NGOs, in which many types of work are done such as housing for widowed women, education of poor orphan children, safety of women etc. The government has no role in this organization.

The welfare of the society is the main objective of the NGO. It is an organization that anyone can run. The NGO was developed in America because many such social work is done in America which is done by these organizations apart from the government.

NGO Full Form

Full Form of NGO – “Non Governmental Organization”.

How does NGO Works

An NGO cannot be run by a single person. NGO consists of 7 or more persons. Its purpose is not to get profit, but it is carried out to do good to others. Any such group of persons who wish to do social work or social reform work, they can do these work through NGO registered or without registering.

But being a registered NGO gives you the advantage that you can get financial assistance from the government for the work you are doing for social welfare. If a social worker wants to do social welfare work without the help of the government, then he can also run an NGO without being registered.

There are estimated to be around 1 to 2 lakh NGOs in India. All the NGOs in India come under the Central Societies Act whereas Rajasthan Societies Act has been made in Rajasthan.

An NGO works like this and helps people by forming their own group.

What is NGO Work

After knowing so much about NGOs, you must be wanting to know what is the work of NGOs. So let’s know further what is NGO Work:

The work of the NGO includes various types of work in which to meet the needs of the poor and destitute and help not only the poor and destitute but also the people who are physically unable to work.

All over the world NGOs work for the purpose of various types of social welfare and human welfare. These organizations work towards continuous development and bring positive changes in the society.

The work of the NGO is to help the needy people. He understands the pain and pain of the poor destitute. He finds many such people who can help the poor people along with them. The job of an NGO is not to earn money, it works to help people. This is the specialty of an NGO.

Although many types of work are done by NGOs, but its main purpose is to work on social causes.

Some of the main functions involved in the purpose of the NGO are as follows:

  • To educate poor orphan children.
  • Providing good food to children in school.
  • To provide books to the economically weaker children.
  • Providing housing to women.
  • To carry out water conservation works.
  • Solving the problems of tribal society.
  • To help people suffering from any kind of disease in the society.
  • helping old people.

Types of NGO

You have thought about starting an NGO, but do you know how many types of NGOs are there.

  • Bingo (Business Friendly International NGO)
  • Engo (Environmental NGO)
  • Gongo (Government-organized Non-governmental Organization)
  • Ingo (International NGO)
  • Quango (Quasi-autonomous NGO)

This is the type of NGO whose work is also different.

How to make an NGO

If you want to form an NGO, then for that first you have to understand the rules of forming an NGO organization. Because these rules vary from state to state. You can form an NGO only by following these rules.

To work in an NGO, you have to be a member of an NGO. You can become a member of the NGO only at the time of registration. For the formation of an NGO, it is necessary to have at least 7 members.

For the formation of an NGO, you have to decide its goals, objectives as well as decide its president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, advisory member etc. Together these make up the structure of the NGO.

Before starting an NGO, you have to recognize the problems of the people. According to that, the purpose and mission of your NGO is recognized and work is done in the NGO according to what are the problems of the people within the society.

Many people are unable to raise their voice for their problem. No one listens to their problems, so the aim of any NGO should be to listen, understand the problems of the people and start their NGO accordingly, only then the positive effect of the NGO is visible.

To set up an NGO, create a group of people who can do all the tasks in a right strategy in which all types of tasks like financial management, human resources, and networking and also be fully responsible for taking those decisions .

This was some information about how an NGO is formed, now you must have understood very well about how an NGO is created. Let us now tell you further what documents you will need to register in an NGO.

Documents for NGO

If you are registering for an NGO then you must have some necessary documents like:

  • Trust Deed / Memorandum of Association
  • Rules & Regulations / Memorandum
  • Articles of Association Regulation
  • affidavit from president
  • ID Proof (Voter ID / Aadhar Card)
  • proof of residence
  • Registered Office Address Proof
  • Passport (Mandatory)

You will need these documents to set up an NGO.

If you are going to start an NGO, then you will have to open a separate bank account in the name of your NGO, for this you should have a PAN card because with the help of this you will be able to open a bank account. The account is opened because if someone gives donation, it goes to the account of the NGO itself.

How to Register an NGO

If you want to create an NGO in India, then there are 3 types of process for this or you can register the NGO in any one of these 3 Acts.

1. Trust Act

Trust Act happens in different states of India, but if there is no Trust Act in any state, then 1882 Trust Act is applicable in that state. It is necessary to have at least two Trustees under this Act.

If you want to register an NGO under this act, then you have to apply to the Charity Commissioner or Registrar’s office. To register an NGO under the Trust Act, you have to submit a Deed Document.

2. Society Act

Under this act the NGO is registered as a society. But in some states like Maharashtra State, NGO can also be registered as Trustee under the Societies Act.

A ‘Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation Document’ is applied for registration in the Societies Act. At least 7 members are required to make this document and no stamp paper is required.

3. Companies Act

To register an NGO under the Companies Act, a ‘Memorandum and Articles of Association and Regulation Document’ is required.

No stamp paper is required to make this document and it is necessary to have at least three members to make this document.

Name of NGO (NGO in India)

Top 5 NGOs in India are such that they have done a great job as an NGO and got appreciation by helping the needy people. Everyone liked his work. The names of those NGOs are as follows:

  • Muskaan Foundation
  • little bud
  • Give India Foundation
  • echo
  • Helpage India

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If you also want to have a sense of service towards people, then you can help people by joining such an NGO. To know about how to join an NGO (FULL FORM), you can visit the website of any NGO and talk to them. What is an NGO and what is an NGO Full Form, we have explained it well to you, yet if you have any questions related to what is the meaning of NGO, then you can tell us by commenting. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.