Newborn Care Tips: Tips to Take Care of Newborn Baby

Newborn Care Tips: Tips to Take Care of Newborn Baby

Newborn Care Tips: After 9 months of keeping the child in the womb, when a woman gives birth to him and when the child comes in the hands of her mother safely and healthy, then that moment is the most beautiful and memorable moment in the world for that woman. Keeping the Baby in the womb for 9 months is a very difficult and important time for every mother, but after the birth of the baby, this responsibility increases even more because when the baby is born then it is very delicate. Babies are very sensitive and are more prone to infection. That is why it is very important to take care of some things for the care of children, so let us know what things should be taken care of while taking care of the newborn tips.

Tips to Take Care of Newborn Baby

1. Breastfeed

Mother’s milk is like nectar for a newborn baby. Therefore, the baby must be given the first yellow condensed milk of the mother as it contains many essential nutrients which protect the baby from fighting many diseases. Mother’s milk is the first food of the baby, so every mother should feed her own milk to her baby. It is very important for the baby and the mother to be in the right position while breastfeeding. The mother lifts the baby in both arms and turns her whole body towards her. While breastfeeding, one thing must be kept in mind that do not put the babies on the chest very hard because babies breathe and exhale through their nose and their mouth is closed at that time. In that case, they may suffocate.


Many times, while drinking milk, the air also goes along with it, which causes pain in their stomach. Therefore, every time you feed the baby, make sure to burp it by putting it on your shoulder.

2. Lift the Baby Carefully

Great care should be taken while lifting the baby as the neck of babies is very weak and babies are not able to handle their body immediately after birth. Therefore, while lifting them, keep one hand on their head. In such a situation, if the slightest carelessness is taken, then the baby can be harmed.


3. Do not move the baby

Don’t shake your baby too hard. Don’t make the mistake of shaking the child in love or joking. Due to vigorous shaking of children, blood starts flowing from their heads and sometimes it becomes the cause of their death. If you want to wake your baby, instead of moving them, tickle their feet or stroke their cheeks.

4. Get Vaccinated

Children should be vaccinated at the right time. If the child is in the hospital, then all the information about vaccination is given to you there and you are also given a card of vaccination. If the child is born at home or somewhere else, then you should go to the nearest health center and get it registered.


5. Massage

The baby should be massaged carefully. Massage helps in the physical development of children and also strengthens the bones. While massaging the baby, do not apply too much force, rather massage his body with light hands. More care should be taken while massaging the baby for the first 10 to 15 days. Children should be massaged with olive oil, almond oil or baby oil, it gives more benefit.

6. umbilical cord stump

The umbilical cord stump of a baby should fall off within 2 weeks of its birth. In this case, take special care of their umbilical cord. It should not be shaken too much nor should it be teased too much. At first it has a yellowish green color and when it starts drying slowly, it starts turning brown and black and falls off on its own. At this time you should protect it from infection.

7. Take a Bath

You should give your newborn a sponge bath very carefully during the first week. Once the umbilical cord is removed, you can have regular baths two to three times a week. While taking a bath, keep in mind that you do not leave the baby alone in the water and before bathing him, sit with all the bathing items in advance so that you do not have to lift in the middle. You should also take lukewarm water which is neither too cold nor too hot.

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8. Full Sleep

Newborns need lots of rest to keep them healthy and strong. Initially, babies sleep for 18-20 hours in a day. So keep an eye on their bedtime and don’t be surprised or upset as to why your baby is sleeping so much. As they grow in age, they reduce sleeping. Just keep taking care of the baby once in a while and keep breastfeeding them. Also keep in mind that there should not be much noise while sleeping and the light of the room should not be too much and it should not be dark at all.

9. Change Diapers

The baby does not like wet diapers at all, and at the same time, being in wet can cause rashes on their parts and they can also feel cold. So take special care of diapers. Whenever the baby’s diaper is wet or dirty, change it along with it as it has a bad effect on the health of the children. Also, keep babies without diapers for some time during the day so that their skin gets air. Also keep in mind that do not wear the diaper continuously for more than 5 hours.

10. Take care of cleanliness

Newborn babies are very delicate and sensitive, so keep proper cleanliness around them. Whenever you pick up your child or someone else, keep your hands very clean and take special care while lifting them too. Don’t even put your dirty hands inside their mouth. Apart from this, you should also take care of your food and drink because if the baby drinks your milk, then your food and drink will also affect his health.

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