Newborn Breastfeeding Positions: The Right way to Breastfeed Newborn Babies

Newborn Breastfeeding Positions: The Right way to Breastfeed Newborn Babies

Newborn Breastfeeding Positions: After becoming a mother, breastfeeding is an essential process that not only strengthens the emotional bond between the baby and the mother, but also provides the baby with all the nutrients it needs. Breastfeeding can be a bit of a hassle for first-time moms-to-be.

If the position of breastfeeding the baby is not right then it can be harmful for the baby too. There must be information about the (Newborn Breastfeeding Positions) right ways to breastfeed.

Common Mistakes while Breastfeeding

It often happens that during breastfeeding, the baby’s nose gets pressed against the breast, which causes trouble for him. If the mother does not pay attention to it in time, then the child starts crying or he may have a big problem in breathing. The newborn is unable to tell himself the troubles he is having.

In such a situation, the mother has to be careful. Before other information about breastfeeding, it is very important to know what are the right ways to feed a newborn baby. So know about some such methods (Best Breastfeeding Positions).

Newborn Breastfeeding Positions: The Right way to Breastfeed

1. Feeding on Lap

Feeding in this position can be a bit uncomfortable for the mother but it allows the baby to feed comfortably and this position is considered the best for breastfeeding. This position can also be called cross cradle.

In this, to feed the baby, the mother should sit upright on something according to her convenience and lift the baby in her arms. Now support his head with one arm and with this balance the legs and feet of the baby. In this position, the baby’s mouth should be very close to the breast.

Now put the breast in the mouth of the baby with the other hand and let him drink milk comfortably. The baby feels very comfortable in this position.

2. Holding with reverse hand

In this position, the baby is held with the wrist and hand on the opposite side of the breast from which the baby is fed. The baby is fed milk by holding the breast with the other hand.

This position is convenient for both mother and baby and the baby is also able to drink milk well. You can use a pillow to support the baby.

3. Waist Support

If the baby is a little older and the mother is tired then this position is good for both the mother and the baby. In this, the mother lies down straight with the support of the waist and the child can drink milk by lying on the mother, just in this the child’s head has to be kept near the mother’s breast.

The advantage of this position is that the baby can drink milk in any way. If the baby is older, then he will comfortably drink the milk by pressing the breasts in his mouth.

4. Football Breastfeeding Position for C Section Delivery

In this position, the child is caught with the help of the elbow and arm and the position of holding it is like a football is caught, hence this position is named football.

It will be comfortable to feed a very young child in this way, along with it, it is convenient for mothers who have delivered through C-section to feed in this situation.

5. Feeding by Lie Down

After the birth of the baby, the mother also needs rest. In such a situation, you can feed the baby while lying down, but just keep in mind that you feed in this position so that there is no harm to the baby and the baby does not have trouble breathing.

For this, you put the baby on the bed and lie next to him and turn the baby’s face towards you. Now put one hand under the baby’s head and feed the baby with the other hand. In this situation, the mother should always be alert and hold the breast herself and feed the baby.

Some Precautions while Breastfeeding Newborn Kids

As much as possible, make the baby sit and breastfeed. If you are breastfeeding while lying down, take care not to fall asleep. Because the breasts can clog the baby’s nose, it will make it difficult for the baby to breathe.

But it is also believed that breastfeeding while lying down increases the risk of ear infection in the baby, so this position should be used sparingly, especially if the baby is small.

Hold the baby tightly and support his head while feeding as the baby is very delicate and if his head is not supported properly, his neck can swell.

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Wash the breasts before breastfeeding and the baby should not be fed from a single breast. In between, the position of the breast or the baby should be changed so that he can drink milk from the baby and the mother also does not suffer.

If the mother does not feed the baby in the right position, then there may be a wound in the mother’s breast, so it is very important to feed the baby in the right position. While feeding, the baby’s body should be attached to the mother’s body and the baby’s mouth should be close to the mother’s breast.

By taking care of some such conditions and precautions, you can make your motherhood experience even better and cherish these moments for a lifetime.

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