Newborn Baby FAQs For New Mothers

Newborn Baby FAQs For New Mothers

Newborn Baby: Many questions come to mind while becoming a mother for the first time. This is a stage where you need a mentor at every step. If you are becoming a mother for the first time, then you have to know the answers to all the questions related to pregnancy test to post-delivery baby care and from there to baby’s weight. In such a situation, it is not possible that the same question comes in everyone’s mind, but there are some such questions which come in the mind of almost every mother. Today we have brought some such questions (FAQ of New Parents) and their solutions which come to everyone’s mind when they become a mother for the first time.

Newborn Baby FAQs For New Mothers

Here we bring you some things that every pregnant woman and new mother should know. And this question can come in the mind of not only women but also men. These questions can often arise in your mind. Although these problems may be different for everyone, so be sure to consult an expert before acting on any advice.

How to Read Home Pregnancy Kit

Today science has achieved so much success that you can confirm the happiness of becoming a mother sitting at home. The most common problem is seeing the pregnancy kit. Although it is very easy. Always use pregnancy kit in the morning. There are two marks in the home pregnancy kit, one C means control and the other T means test. Now know how to watch it:

  • If you see two pink lines on the strip, it means the test is positive.
  • If you see a thick pink line on the home pregnancy kit and another light pink line, then it also means that you are pregnant but the HCG level is low, so consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  • If you see only one line near the C mark on the strip, the test is negative.
  • If there is a pink line near the T mark but not near the C or there is no mark on the strip, it means that you will have to do the test again.

1. How long will morning sickness last?

Ans: This is also a question that first-time mothers want to know the answer to. The duration of morning sickness can be different for every woman. It usually ends in the first two to three months, but many women continue to feel nauseous and dizzy for the entire nine months. This is completely normal.

2. Does Bleed Spot Mean Miss Carrying During Pregnancy?

Ans: It is very common to have blood spots or spots in the early days of pregnancy. However, if dark black color or fluid is seen along with the blood, then consult a doctor immediately. It is better to be panic or panic when this happens, trust yourself and go to the doctor first.

3. When will the swollen feet go away during pregnancy?

Ans: Swelling in the feet is also common during pregnancy. Actually this is due to the pressure on the leg arteries, but you do not need to panic because of this.

4. I can’t feel my baby’s movement today?

Ans: The real meaning of fear is to pregnant women when many times during pregnancy she is unable to feel the movement of the child for some time. However there is no need to panic about it. If you ever feel that you are not able to feel the movement of the baby, then wait at least 12 hours. If still you do not feel anything, then go to the doctor for a checkup.

5. Can you tell by looking at the stomach whether it is a boy or a girl?

Ans: Stay away from lies and superstitions during pregnancy as much as possible. No one can tell whether you will have a boy or a girl by looking at the stomach or seeing the line coming on the stomach or eating and drinking habits. Also, getting it checked medically is also a legal crime.

6. Afraid of having a C section or operation?

Ans: First of all, only doctors decide whether you will have a C-section or a caesarean baby or a normal delivery. If a normal delivery can put you and your baby at risk, then doctors recommend a C-section in this situation. But you shouldn’t be worried about it.

7. How will I handle the pain of normal delivery?

Ans: Normal delivery is considered the safest delivery. The body structure of women is made in such a way that it can change itself during normal delivery. However, during normal delivery, it is important to take care of some special things as well.

8. How long will the baby’s umbilical cord take to dry?

Ans: The umbilical cord is also attached with the birth of the child. After birth, doctors cut the umbilical cord and put a stamp on it. It usually dries up on its own in a few weeks. Cleaning the umbilical cord is very important. If you see light blood or a red rash on the umbilical cord, don’t panic. Clean it first and then take it to the doctor.

9. How often to feed a newborn baby?

Ans: There is no exact figure for how often a newborn baby should be fed, but you must breastfeed the baby at least every three to four hours. Apart from this, after waking up at night, try to feed the baby.

10. If mother’s milk is not available then give cow’s milk?

Ans: This question is one of the most asked questions after delivery. Know here that cow’s milk should not be given to a child from newborn to one year old. If for some reason the mother’s milk is not coming, then only on the advice of the doctor, you can definitely start formula milk. But before six month mothers, do not give water, cow’s milk or any other thing to the child at all.

11. After becoming a mother, when will I be able to return to the same figure as before?

Ans: It totally depends on you. But for six months, the child has to be breastfed, so do not exercise or reduce even after eating and drinking before this. After six months in normal delivery and after some more time in C-section, you can bring yourself back in shape with yoga and exercise. Before this, apply water and belly belt of cumin and carom seeds, which will help in reducing belly fat.

12. After pregnancy, I have got stretch marks from stomach to thighs, what should I do?

Ans: After pregnancy, stretch marches come, which you can easily remove with massage. This stretch mark is the story of your struggle that you have fought for nine months. Don’t be bothered by it.

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