Newborn Baby Room Vastu Tips

Newborn Baby Room Vastu Tips

When a small guest is about to come to the house, the parents make preparations for him not to go. He takes care of every little thing so that there is no shortage of anything. We all know how important the first few years are for any child. It helps in their overall development and forms a foundation for the mental and physical growth of the child for years to come. know Newborn Baby Room Vastu Tips.

Newborn Baby Room Vastu Tips

Apart from taking all the necessary steps as advised by the pediatricians, parents can take the help of our age old science of Vastu Shastra to create an environment full of positive energy that can go a long way in helping a child grow. Vastu expert Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao, here is sharing some Vastu tips that parents can keep in mind while designing (Newborn Baby Room Vastu Tips) the room after the arrival of their newborn.

– The most important aspect of the baby’s room is the fact that it should get enough sunlight, especially the morning sun will launch a lot of positive energy and the morning sun rays will kill most of the germs that are normally present in our homes.

– The sleeping arrangement for the new born baby should be crucially in the Northeast region. The North, North-East and East zones are ideal for a baby bedroom.

– The crib should be at a distance of 2-3 feet from the wall and it should be placed just in the south-west of that room.

– The head of the child should be towards the south or west direction while sleeping.

– Keeping raw or rock salt in the baby’s room helps in absorbing negative energies. However, this salt must be changed very often.

– Dark and bright colors should be avoided and special attention should be given to light and vibrant colors in the child’s room. Even the toys that children play with should be in light and vibrant colors.

– Pictures or pictures depicting scenes of peace, spirituality and inspiration should be kept in the child’s room. This will help in developing their mind accordingly. Sunflower painting specifically activates the pituitary gland which helps in mental development.

– In case of premature delivery, the natural energy forces of Northeast direction can keep the negative forces away.

– Proper balance in the North West zone of the house which is associated with the air element helps in preventing respiratory problems in babies.

– The use of kitchen or orange color in the southeast zone, which is associated with the fire element, helps in the development of metabolism.

– The presence of water element in the Northeast region and having an element of spirituality increases clarity of thought, innovation and creativity.

Through Vastu Shastra, parents can provide an additional support in the overall development of their children. This can be provided only when the harmony and coordination between the parents is at its best. Children are especially highly sensitive and susceptible to energy, so it is very important to have a positive environment around.

(Courtesy – Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao, Vastu Expert and Co-Founder, Vastu Raviraj)

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