Top 10 Newborn Baby Facts: 10 Things You Must know about Newborn

Top 10 Newborn Baby Facts: 10 Things You Must know about Newborn

Newborn Baby Facts: The birth of a baby is a celebration of happiness for both the parents. Having a newborn in her hands, the mother forgets all her pain and pain, while seeing the face of her child, the father’s tiredness of the whole day goes away. Some time after the birth of a child is like a puzzle and very important for the parents. At this time it is important for every parent to know about the child and the changes taking place in it so that they can take good care of the child. Know some such things about your new baby that you need to know. (Newborn Baby Facts)

Top 10 Newborn Baby Facts

1. Newborn Baby’s Face

When the baby is born, his face is puffy and red, in which he looks very cute and different, as the days pass, his face also changes. Actually, there is a special side of fluid in the womb, in which the baby’s face and eyes swell after spending a lot of time, but with the passage of days, the swelling and redness of the baby’s face goes away and its appearance changes.


2. Baby’s Head and Body Hair

As soon as the baby is born, there is a lot of hair on the body. Many children have hair on their legs or wrists, as well as on their ears and forehead, but this hair falls out over time. For this the baby is massaged. No matter how thick the hair is on the baby’s head at the time of birth, but after some time those hairs also come out and new hairs come. It is very important for parents to be aware of this if your child has a lot of hair on his body, then do not be worried because with time this hair will also come out.

3. Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord is the placenta through which the baby is attached to its mother in the womb. This placenta is cut after birth. The umbilical cord is a very important part of the baby. Never try to separate the umbilical cord by force or wet it or apply oil etc. After some time of birth, this placenta falls off on its own. There may be blood in it at the time of shedding, so there is no need to be afraid but if there is any problem then the opinion of the doctor should be taken.


4. Know Delicate organs of the Newborn Baby

A newborn baby is very tender, so special care should be taken while holding, bathing or feeding it, but the most delicate is the head of the baby, especially the middle part of his head and the other part behind him. That’s why it is very important to take special care of the baby’s head. If the back part of the baby’s head is not taken care of properly, then its shape can change.

5. Baby’s Dry Skin

At the time of birth, the skin of a newborn baby is very dry, which looks like it is about to come out. But do not try to take it off yourself because by massaging with oil or cream etc., this skin itself comes out and new skin takes its place. Similarly, there are many red colored marks on the body of the baby at the time of birth, especially on his neck or back, they also go away on their own as time passes.


6. Baby’s Cry

It is natural for a newborn to cry. All babies cry and there is nothing to worry about. Some babies cry the whole night, parents get upset due to unneeded crying of the baby but it is very normal. Actually, a small child does not know how to speak, so he tells his problems by crying or can also say that by crying he makes his presence felt. But do you know that a newborn baby cannot cry? The little baby just squeaks. Her tears begin to form after three weeks.

7. Time of Sleep

After birth, the sleeping time of the baby is also very strange. Many babies sleep the whole day and stay awake all night, sometimes the baby stays awake all day and sleeps all night. Sometimes the baby wakes up after a while but sometimes it stays asleep for three to four hours. The sleeping time of the baby varies with time. Initially many babies sleep less but after some time their sleeping time increases.

8. Identification of Colors

Babies love colors very much, but for two or three weeks after birth, babies can only see white and black, meaning they see everything white or black. After this the child first sees this color, that is red color. Babies begin to recognize different colors when they are eight to nine months old and their understanding of colors increases.

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9. Baby’s Laughter

A month after birth, the baby starts smiling. The baby smiles at the different sounds or shapes. Mother’s voice and light music can also bring a smile to her face. According to a research, babies laugh about 300 times a day. You have to make different sounds or make your baby laugh with your gestures to see the smile on your cute baby’s face.

10. Baby’s Stool

The first stool of a baby is called mechanism which is dark green or black in color. It doesn’t have any kind of smell. As the baby starts drinking breast milk, there is a change in the color of the baby’s stool. After about 6 or 7 days, the baby passes yellow colored stools, this stool becomes smelly. A newborn baby can have a bowel movement from three to seven to eight times a day. As long as the baby is feeding properly, is active, then no matter how many times a day he has bowel movements, there is nothing to worry about. The stool of the baby also depends on whether he is drinking breast milk, formula milk or any other milk.

So these were some such facts that every parent should know about their newborn children.

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