How Long Does It Take For A New Blog to Rank in Google?

How Long Does It Take For A New Blog to Rank in Google?

If your blog is completely new then you must be thinking that how much time does it take for a new blog to be ranked in Google. All the new bloggers are confused about how long it will take for the posts of my new website or blog to be rank in Google.

All the experienced bloggers have understood that how many days or months it takes for a new blog to be ranked in Google. But new bloggers get upset to know the answer to this question after putting 15-20 posts on their blog.


Actually this question is like this, because every blog is different in the eyes of Google. Google provides bad or good ranking only after checking the quality of any blog. You must also see yourself that many blogs get ranked quickly but some take too much time.

So it is meant to say that how long the blog will take to be ranked in Google, it depends on a lot of things. In which the most important thing is the quality of your posts and the second most important aspect is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.


Let us tell you some important things that will make it easier for you to understand how much time it takes for a new blog to be ranked in Google. First of all, understand that the work of indexing and ranking our posts is not done by Google’s staff.

Actually Google has its own algorithm and it works on the basis of that. That is, there is no man to rank the blog but a machine, which we can call its algorithm or software.


Now you must be thinking that how a machine can decide when to rank a blog. Or how does the machine find out which post has to be given good ranking and which one does not? Let us also explain this to you.

About 200 Factors have been added from Google in the Algorithm of Google. Whichever website meets the maximum number of factors out of these 200 factors, it gets ranked quickly and every post of it also gets good ranking.

Similarly, Low Quality Blogs which do not exactly meet those Secret Factors of Google, they remain stuck for a long time. Neither all their posts are indexed well on time nor do they get good ranking.

Well this was the way Google ranks a blog. But most bloggers do a good job according to their own. So those people want to know how long does it take for a new blog to be ranked in Google. Let us try to give you the exact answer.

How Long Does It Take For A New Blog to Rank in Google?

The way blogging and Google work has changed to a great extent. Earlier it used to take very little time for any new website to be ranked, but now it does not happen. There are 2 big reasons behind this thing. (New Blog to Rank in Google)

One is the increasing competition in blogging and the other is the increase of Fake Bloggers. In fact, there are more than 40% such Hindi bloggers in India who do not want to work hard themselves and prepare and publish their posts by copy paste or manipulation.

These things have undermined Google’s trust in Hindi bloggers. That’s why now Google wants to check any blog thoroughly before ranking it. He wants to see how much truth is there in the information given on the website.

This is the reason why any blog takes some time to win the trust of Google. That is why nowadays new blogs are not able to rank for many months. Well let’s come to the point and know that now how much time does it take for a new blog to rank in 2022.

By the way, how long will it take for any blog to be ranked, nothing can be said, because it depends on many things. There are many new bloggers who do not have any knowledge of blogging, they make a lot of mistakes on their blog from the very beginning.

Because of which his blog does not live up to the meaning of Google Algorithm and Google keeps it hanging for a long time. In the beginning, 3 things are very important to get the blog ranked quickly.

1. Quality of Content

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. The veracity of the information given in the posts

Yes, if you start work on any new blog keeping all three things in mind, then your blog gets ranked in Google very soon. You must know that in order to bring your blog to Google, you have to submit a Sitemap at the very beginning.

Now let’s assume that you have done all these things, you are also doing a good job on your own website. So now how many days will it take for your blog to be ranked in Google? Let us now take the answer of this question. Actually Google ranks any new blog in 3 steps.

1. First of All, Takes the Blog out of the Sandbox – whenever someone starts a new blog, it stays in the Google Sandbox for about 1 or one and a half months. Meaning that Google does not give any importance to that blog.

In this time you will see that neither your posts are getting indexed properly nor any post is ranking well. If good work is done on any blog, then it comes out of the sandbox a little sooner. But still it takes 1 month time.

2. In the Second Step, Google brings 3-4 Posts of your Blog up a Bit – by the time your blog exits the sandbox, you have put 30+ posts on your blog. Google starts noticing the blog as soon as it comes out of the sandbox.

Now Google wants to check the content / information available on that blog a bit. So that he can know how much users like your content. That’s why Google brings 5-6 posts out of your total published posts on the first, second or third page.

This process of checking your blog lasts for about 2 to two and a half months. During this, those posts of yours which were not visible in Search Results even after indexing, are mostly visible in Posts Search Results 4-5-6 or more pages.

3. Honeymoon Period – After doing good work continuously for about 4 months, the Honeymoon Period of your blog comes in which almost all your posts start appearing on the top. Some on 1st page or some on 2nd and some posts on third or fourth page.

During this you will feel that my blog is probably one of the top blogs in the world. Because in this phase almost every post of yours ranks well and your traffic is suddenly boosted. In fact, Google checks all your posts during the Honeymoon Period.

After checking for 1 and a half months, Google gets to know which of your posts are getting good response from users and which post has good information. After that Google keeps your good posts up and brings down the rest according to the content.

So you must have understood how much time it takes for a blog to be ranked in Google. If you consistently do good work on your website, then in 4 months your blog starts to rank well in Google.

But the condition is that you write High Quality Content and do not adopt any such Black Hat SEO Technic that will spoil your blog in the eyes of Google. Many people start creating random backlinks from the very beginning, due to which their blog is not able to rank.

Low Quality Content and Low Quality Backlinks, these are two big reasons due to which most of the Hindi Blogs get ruined. If you want to get good ranking in Google as soon as possible in 2022, then honestly keep up the good work.

This was our article How long does it take for a new blog to be rank in Google. In which you understood that in how many days or months any new website is ranked in Google. Hope you liked this information.

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