Neha Kakkar Simple Way to Hair Cut At Home

Neha Kakkar Simple Way to Hair Cut At Home

From a safety point’s of view, many people are enhancing their beauty at home with DIY solutions and methods. Clean up, facial, even wax is fine but when it comes to hair cut, most of us do not take the risk. Because whatever happened 19-20, the haircut will be bad that the look will also get spoiled. In such a situation, famous cute smile selfie queen Neha Kakkar has helped people a lot by sharing the easiest way to do hair cut at home.

Neha Kakkar Easy Way to Hair Cut At Home

If your hair has become dry, split ends and is breaking more then it is necessary that you take a hair cut. For this you will not even need to know the salon outside. Yes, because in the video Neha Kakkar posted of her hair cut on social media, she is seen chopping her hair and that too in a very simple way. The interesting thing is that he has shot the entire video of him cutting his hair and he has certainly made a good effort. You can also know the right way to cut hair sitting at home from this video of him.

Neha Kakkar Simple Way to Hair Cut At Home

Step 1 – First of all, Neha detangles her hair with a wide tooth comb so that there are no knots.

Step 2 – After this, she divides the hair into two equal parts and makes a ponytail by doing a center parting which she secures with the help of a rubber band.

Step 3 – After this, she takes another hair tie and keeps them at the same length as she wants to cut the hair. For example, if you want to trim your hair two inches from the bottom, place the rubber band two inches above the ends of the hair.

Step 4 – Next, she cuts her hair with the scissors just above the rubber band at the bottom. She repeats the same process on the other side as well.

Step 5 – After doing this, Neha once again combs her hair to see if the length is equal, and if the hair looks long, she trims them equally.

Seeing Neha’s new haircut, it does not seem that she has cut her hair without any professional help. She shares some super easy tips and tricks to make hair cut very easy. It is not that Neha has done any hair cutting course. Rather, she herself is seen cutting hair with the help of the right tips and tricks with the help of YouTube videos.

Let us tell you that recently Neha Kakkar reached number two in the most searched female artist on YouTube worldwide. Neha Kakkar and Rohan Preet Singh got married on October 22 last year. These days Neha is seen as a judge in the reality show ‘Indian Idol 12’. However, she did not appear in some episodes due to being busy due to shooting. His fun on the sets and connection with the contestants are loved by the audience. Neha has been a part of a hit Bollywood in recent times, which include Aankhen Mare, Dilbar, O Saki Saki and Summer.

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